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A company is only as good as its people. Meet the trailblazers helping the companies of today take on the business challenges of tomorrow.

“At In.Corp, I get to roll up my sleeves and try everything from research to strategy to implementation, essentially activities that help to grow In.Corp’s online brand presence. The favourite part of my day is when our COO beckons the Digital Marketing team into his office – this always means he has an empowering task for us to work on.”

Bhargavi Rathi, Digital Marketing Strategist

“I really enjoy my role at In.Corp because I get to interact with clients from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Having that interaction means I am exposed to the various business industries my clients are in, even those I would never have expected to exist. I appreciate how my work allows me to understand the roles and capabilities of every arm in In.Corp in order to dispense accurate advice.”

Eugene Low, Group Sales Relationship Manager

“At In.Corp, I get to be part of a highly-motivated, competent and socially responsible workforce and hone my skills in the field of accounting and taxation. The best part of my day is when I clear email tickets – this means I’m attending to every customer and his / her needs. While every company will tell you that “the customer is king”, at In.Corp, the statement holds weight.”

Myla Pantaleon, Accounts Executive

“I work with my teammates to perform customer due diligence and ensure all our potential clients are clear of misconduct or suspicious activities before being onboarded. At In.Corp, I get to be part of a bigger mission to protect Singapore’s economy and financial system from any money laundering or terrorism financing risks.”

Ulf Christoffersson, Compliance Executive

“My role as an Account Receivables Executive is to secure the accurate and timely payment of accounts by clients – this is crucial as account receivables have a direct impact on the lifeblood of the company – cashflow. On top of that, I help clients resolve discrepancies in their payments and billing, as well as monitor accounts for irregularities. Working at In.Corp is akin to a deep-dive course on working hard and working smart.”

Huda Razali, Account Receivables Executive

“I support our Corporate Secretarial Practice as a Team Head, working closely with my colleagues to ensure dedicated client servicing and 100% client satisfaction. The best part of my day is when I witness the cohesiveness among team members translating into strong client orientation, and subsequently, resulting in loyal clients.”

Dylan Ng, Team Head – Corporate Secretarial

“Being able to learn in depth all there is to the Accounting practice is what I appreciate most about being at In.Corp. Here, my colleagues, Team Head and Department Head are generous with their accounting knowledge, and I’ve been able to soak up precious insights and wisdom that only comes with years of experience.”

Shendy Oktasari, Accounts Executive

“My role in In.Corp has evolved over the last 9 years I’ve been with the company – I’ve seen the company grow from a 10-man strong team to its 130-pax headcount currently – and my work scope has expanded accordingly to accommodate the progress. I really enjoy the team outings and outdoor retreats; those occasions are when I get to interact and engage with each and every colleague.”

Bhavin Patel, Finance & IT Administration Executive

“My role as a HR Executive is to provide a high-touch experience for employees, from recruitment to onboarding, retention to turnover. As In.Corp grows rapidly via the acquisition of companies, I get to interact with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures and ensure they feel welcomed.”

Sainy Mohanty, Human Resources Executive

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