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InCorp Advisory provides the following services in India

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India – a vibrant country, renowned for its diverse cultures and festivals, and for being home to one of the largest populations in the world – has majorly developed and transformed over the last decade or so and has become one of the desired destinations for tourists, entrepreneurs and investors.

Why India is Becoming the Next Economic Powerhouse

According to the latest World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2020, India has climbed 14 rungs and stands at 63rd position by making it easier for businesses to trade across borders and pay taxes.

Business-Friendly Laws

It may have seemed that in the past, corruption was a contributing factor to common misconceptions. However, to curb these views and gain confidence from the public, entrepreneurs and investors; key bills such as the Goods and Services Tax Bill, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) and the Direct Taxes Code Bill have been passed by the Indian Parliament over the past few years to bring forth transparency in the Indian economy.

This has evidently made it easier for many existing sectors and new international businesses to incorporate in India. The Indian Government’s ‘Make in India’ project also aims to enable foreign investments and build leading manufacturing infrastructures.

In addition to these changes, the corporate tax rates in India have been slashed to 22% (down from 30%) for existing companies and 15% (down from 25%) for newly incorporated manufacturing companies, making it easier for businesses.

Versatile Startup Ecosystem

While India is often viewed as the leading IT hub in the world, the country has also seen success in various industries such as Banking & Finance, E-commerce and Agriculture. Being open to new businesses and ventures, India has developed an attractive ecosystem which provides a plethora of opportunities and serves a quick-changing economy.

Cost-Efficient Operations

In terms of affordability, entrepreneurs will have no concerns in the daily costs of running their business as India provides cost-efficient amenities in the areas of manufacturing, food, transport, labour etc. The affordability along with the dynamic transformation and growth in India makes it an ideal location for many entrepreneurs and investors.

InCorp Advisory Provides the Following Services in India:

  • Incorporation

    There are several types of business entities in India. Skip the confusion and get your business incorporated quickly with InCorp India’s help.

  • Company Secretarial and Compliance

    Businesses in India have to comply with various compulsory company secretarial and compliance requirements to avoid penalties. Engage our services to eliminate non-compliance risks now!

  • Investment Banking

    InCorp covers investment banking services across your underwriting and M&A advisory needs. Our full suite of solutions are unique and carefully constructed for your business.

  • Taxation

    Our deep expertise of India’s over 40 trade agreements – either in effect or signed or under negotiation or proposed – means that we are well-equipped to help clients minimise their tax barriers and stay compliant with taxation laws.

  • Business Assurance & Advisory

    Obtaining business assurance and advisory services (BAAS) from InCorp provides insight into a company’s culture and procedures, and helps the management by checking internal controls to identify shortcomings and rectify them.

  • FEMA Advisory

    InCorp’s corporate experts have in-depth knowledge of the Indian regulatory environment. We can assist both Indian and foreign companies to manage transactions under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

  • Outsourcing

    Outsourcing essentially refers to the business activity when an Indian company engages professionals or a corporate services provider to undertake repetitive tasks on its behalf.

  • Corporate Recovery Services

    If you are a creditor looking to protect your financial interests; a business owner looking to restructure your business, manage your crisis, or simply wind-up the business in an orderly manner; our team of corporate services experts can assist in maximising your financial outcomes by offering practical and cross-disciplinary solutions even in the most challenging of cases.

  • Business Legal Compliance

    Legal compliance is when the internal, state and central laws and regulations are followed by customers, businesses, vendors and employees. The main aim of an ongoing legal compliance program is to protect the organization, its key people from excessive fines and unwanted litigation.

InCorp India’s versatile ecosystem enables us to provide corporate services efficiently