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All financially stressed businesses need not be liquidated, and in salvageable cases, we can work with financially stressed clients to achieve a solvent restructuring.

This will invariably involve negotiations with principal creditors to arrive at deferred repayment plans and implementing a restructuring plan to revive the business.

Any restructuring plan requires funding, and our specialist can help to configure a funding plan either through debt or equity financing. We can negotiate with creditors to delay payables to fortify the company’s cash position.

For those who already have a plan in place, our team of experts can assist in analysing and reviewing your operations and business plans and recommend practical solutions for effective and efficient implementation either through a scheme of arrangement or private arrangement.

In summary, we provide the following corporate restructuring services in India:

  • Business performance review
  • Operation efficiency evaluation
  • Debt restructuring strategies
  • Liquidity improvement plans
  • Cost reduction/profit improvement strategies
  • Sourcing funds
  • Managing divestments
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions



We help you protect your financial interests.