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Compliance irregularities, accounting malpractices, fraud, corruption, violation of regulations have a long-term impact on the entire enterprise ecosystem as it erodes investor confidence and market reliability besides tarnishing the brand image and alienating customers.

To help Indian companies avoid such eventualities, InCorp experts with world-class subject matter knowledge and deep industry expertise, carry out integrated forensic investigations, uncover economic evidence, as well as detect fraudulent activities.

Additionally, we also provide forensic support to companies under scrutiny by regulators, or those facing litigation in dispute resolutions.

So in summary, we provide the following forensic investigations services in India:

  • Assess risks or fraud and misconduct and evaluation of existing controls
  • Develop ethics and fraud control programs
  • Implement and evaluate programs
  • Investigate and provide a report on:
    • Accounting irregularities
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Regulatory violations
    • Suspicious transactions
    • Bribery and corruption
    • Acquisition and merger targets
    • Litigation support

We help you protect your financial interests.