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What are the Debt Syndication services in India?

For some time, Indian companies lacked options in raising capital as the debt market in the country wasn’t so developed. So invariably companies ended up going the equity route, which wasn’t so lucrative as it gave the funder/investor some portion (equity) of the business.

This has changed recently, as the country has seen a growth in the availability of syndicated loans. This means that now Indian companies have alternative methods to raise funds without having to dilute the ownership. In a nutshell, debt syndication has bridged the gap between equity markets and debt markets in India. And this is set to grow even further as the Indian economy matures, and more and more SMEs as well as large companies seek alternative methods of fundraising including debt syndication.

Just to explain, debt syndication means a group of lenders, funding various portions of a loan, to a single borrower. Thus, a debt syndicated loan is a structured product that needs to be arranged and administered effectively, which should be left to experts such as InCorp, as usually there are a number of lending parties involved, and it may involve cumbersome paperwork.

Moreover, at InCorp, we work with clients to develop and implement custom solutions to their specific debt financing needs. That’s why since 1996, we have helped our clients raise over $650 million via debt syndicated financing.

Aside, if you are a lender looking for a good Indian company to lend, we can help you with that as well. Among the advantages of being a debt syndicate member are – no liability risk, earn money on the loan interest and fees, predictable returns, and have the first lien position if the borrower defaults.

What are InCorp’s debt syndication services in India?

Our debt syndication services in India include:

  • Arranging and underwriting of debt capital
  • Leveraged loans
  • Bonds and debentures
  • Bridge financing
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Acquisition financing
  • Pre-IPO financing
  • Project funding including origination, structuring and syndication

What are the advantages of using InCorp’s debt syndication services in India?

At InCorp, we have help you with:

  • Structuring the capital needs of the clients
  • Aligning the instruments to raise funds
  • Negotiating with banks and financial institutions
  • Study the viability of the business
  • Provide a detailed project reportProvide realistic and data-driven cash flow projections
  • Monitor and execute all activities related to debt-related compliance requirements of banks/ financial institutions
  • Work towards enhancing the overall debt rating and eligibility of the client through prudent financial management
  • Offer our clients a custom-made solution as per their debt requirements

We ensure your investment banking needs are well-managed in India.