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What are the Private Equity Syndication services in India?

When a borrower requires a sum of money that is too large to be provided by a single lender, or outside the scope of the lender’s risk-exposure level, funds are agglomerated from a number of lenders in a process termed as debt syndication.

InCorp is a trusted service provider and has a robust track record in private equity syndication, having raised more than $1 billion plus in private equity for Indian clients across sectors till January 2020. We work with first-generation as well as established entrepreneurs, assisting them in business strategies and fund-raising at various stages of their business life-cycle. Our team of experts across multiple sectors, and deep professional relationships with hedge funds, institutional investors, non-banking financial institutions, and venture funds, both domestic and international.

Our process entails browsing through our network of relationships with private equity funds extensively, and identifying the right investors. Then we match the investors with the company in need of money, and carry out innovative financial structuring for quick closure of deals at competitive terms.

What are InCorp’s private equity syndication services in India?

  • Advisory on the most suited and effective capitalization strategy, based on our knowledge of the region’s funding scene, as well as, on the Indian company’s existing business profile and growth prospects.
  • Assisting the company in deciding the private equity funds most suited to its business.
  • Hold discussions with the investors, and advise clients on the priority among investors.
  • Manage the due diligence process, and negotiate with potential investors.
  • We assist in seeking additional funding, and swapping or revising the existing funding.

We ensure your investment banking needs are well-managed in India.