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To work legally in Indonesia, the country offers several types of visas, of which the most frequently used ones are a Temporary Stay Permit called KITAS (ITAS) and a work permit known as IMTA. Read on to find out how to get your necessary work permit in Indonesia.


Effective from November 2018 (Presidential Regulation (No. 20/2018)), IMTA is now replaced with a “Notification” from the Ministry of Manpower with validity that is the same as an employment agreement. Based on this, the Indonesian Immigration will now issue a Temporary Stay Permit Visa (VITAS) and the Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS). This change is to simplify the process of how an individual can get a work permit in Indonesia. The implementation is, however, expected to happen continuously and be finalised in the next two years.

KITAS Indonesia

Meanwhile, having a temporary stay permit (KITAS), also known as a working visa or working KITAS, is one of the necessities when working, setting up a business and/or staying in Indonesia. On the contrary to a spouse-sponsored KITAS or a retirement KITAS, a work KITAS must be sponsored by an employer who acts as an Indonesian legal entity as individual sponsorship is not allowed.

Also, the eligibility requirements for this are quite strict, and many job positions and sectors of the economy are not open to foreigners.These include supply chain management, human resources, quality control, and inspection, health, safety, and environmental affairs, among others. Notably, the Indonesian Law, without mentioning any specific ratio, requires companies to hire some (usually five) Indonesians before applying for a work permit for a foreign employee.

For foreign citizens married to an Indonesian citizen, the option is to get a KITAS valid for one year. After one extension, this temporary permit can be converted into a permanent one called KITAP.

Business Visa for Indonesia

Foreign entrepreneurs who are frequent visitors to Indonesia can apply for a business visa that has a validity of a year and allows a foreigner to stay in the country for up to 60 days per visit – the Single Entry Business Visit Visa can also be extended up to 4 times for no more than 30 days for each extension.

All business visas are required to be sponsored by a legal entity registered in Indonesia and holders can participate at conferences, training, or workshops to broaden one’s knowledge as well as business meetings to negotiate conditions of the potential business deals; but cannot indulge in paid employment of any kind. Requirements and conditions for a business visa in Indonesia are quite flexible, and most of the applicants meet the criteria, aside from those citizens of countries listed as restricted.

How We Can Help

If you are not an Indonesian citizen and are looking to stay in Indonesia for work-related matters, getting a working permit or visa from the Indonesian authorities is a must. InCorp Group has years of experience offering corporate solutions for businesses. Get in touch with our team and let us help you secure an Indonesian Visa today.


What are the 3 common types of visas to work legally in Indonesia?

The 3 common types of visas to work legally in Indonesia are KITAS (temporary stay permit), IMTA (work permit) and Business Visa.

Is individual sponsorship allowed for a work KITAS?

Individual sponsorship is not allowed for a work KITAS. Instead, a work KITAS must be sponsored by an employer who acts as an Indonesian legal entity.

Who can apply for a business visa in Indonesia?

Foreign entrepreneurs who visit Indonesia frequently can apply for a business visa. The business visa is valid for 1 year and allows the foreigner to stay in the country for up to 60 days per visit.


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