Payroll and Expense Claim Management Services

Payroll Management

How It Works

Upon engagement of our Payroll Management Services, an Accounts Manager is assigned to you to work on your payroll requirements. He will review and organize the information you submit to us, and subsequently create and maintain a payroll ledger based on the data. In addition, he will make salary payouts and submit all required payroll taxes according to your instructions.

Our Services include:

  • Salary computing on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis.
  • Salary payout to employees by cheque or via bank transfer (i.e. GIRO)
  • Computing gross to net salary and CPF
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) registration and monthly payment in a timely manner
  • Submission of Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Submission of GML, IR21, CPF refund, government statistical forms, NS MUP etc.
  • Issuance of IR8A Form for personal tax – this includes annual filing returns.
  • Preparation of payroll journals and reports for Accounting & Management purposes
  • Issuance of pay slips (electronic / hard copy)
  • Access to Online Claim Management Portal
  • Access to Leave Management Portal
  • Access to Online Payslip Portal

In.Corp Payroll Process

In.Corp Payroll Cycle

Payroll Management Services – Proprietary Software Hosted on the Cloud

The latest lineup to be added into our Payroll Management Services is a robust in-house Payroll Management Software that is hosted on the cloud. Our software reduces the administrative load of managing complex payroll tasks with features that let you get a hold on payroll.

Offerings of Software:

  • Customisation: You can incorporate company branding into the software
  • Scalability: The software accommodates any organisation structure and is fully scalable to fit employee workforce size
  • Employee Access: Staff can access their leave management, payslips, timesheets and claims
  • Compliance Management: All statutory deductions-related calculations and regulations required by Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) are built into the software, making payroll processing requirements, both simple and complex, straightforward
  • Attendance and Leave Management: Time sheet and leave management modules can integrate with existing biometric procedures
  • Access Controls: Leaves, timesheets and claims can be approved by Managers based on an approval matrix, allowing for information control and access across employee groups

Approve leave requests conveniently from a central dashboard

View all-inclusive leave request details and retrieve summaries of leave transactions by employees

Review timesheets that track working hours and attendance accurately

  • 24/7 access that is not restricted by location
  • Intuitive, simple interface for Management & employees
  • Customised reports and menus for easy access
  • Secured Data Management
  • Online payslip retrieval for employees
  • Online Portal for Claims & Leave Management
  • Online employee helpdesk
  • Attendance
  • Claims
  • Leave
  • Payslip Locker

Expense Claim Management Services

Rectifying errors made in expense claims can be expensive for companies – companies often encounter missing or faded receipts, or find miscalculations in claim reconciliation figures due to the use of manual mediums such as spreadsheets and forms to process travel and business expense claims. These manual mediums can be inefficient.

With our Software, you can eliminate mistakes and track / manage employee expense claims easily. Get a hold on your expense claim process and save your company money and time.

Offerings of our Software:

  • Automatic calculation of net amount and exchange rates
  • Management of receipts digitally – receipts can be digitally captured easily and automatic parsed into expense report entries
  • Multi-level claim approval chains that can take place anywhere; web or mobile
  • Claim form formats that can be customised to suit your workflow requirements
  • Unlimited access to web and mobile-based expense claim management interface
  • Integration with your existing Payroll Software to upload expense tabulation reports seamlessly and streamline reimbursement of claims alongside salaries

Reduce costs and save time by outsourcing your Payroll & Expense Claim Management

Reclaim full control over your Payroll and Expense Claim process with our transformative Management Software. Be attended to by a dedicated Payroll & Expense Claim specialist when you use our services or software.

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