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Khor Yoke Kean

Khor Yoke Kean



Business Development - Listed Companies

Yoke Kean is the Director of the Business Development Division of InCorp Global. She has over 20 years of experience in advising SMEs and multinational companies in matters concerning share registry and initial public offerings (IPO).

Before joining InCorp, she assisted numerous enterprises in setting up share registry businesses in Malaysia and Hong Kong. She has also managed IPOs and corporate actions including rights issues, bonus issues, private placements, reverse takeovers, cash offers, share buybacks, and scrip dividends of publicly-listed companies.

In 2012, she pioneered the first successful online application for the reserved share tranche of a dual-listing IPO in Malaysia and Singapore.

Qualifications / Professional Memberships

  • ACIS, Chartered Secretary Singapore
  • Associate Member of the Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore (CSIS)