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Vietnam has a population of more than 95 million people, with 62% of the population is young adults of an average of 30 years of age. The percentage of these productive adults is the highest among ASEAN countries. The majority of the golden population reside in big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with significant exposure to information and technology.

The Strong Economy and Low Labour Costs

With the current GDP growth of around 7.72%, Vietnam is considered one of the countries in ASEAN that show the strongest economic performances. This growth rate is fueled by strong exports and consumer spending.

The country is also known for its low labour costs. Compared to many regions or countries around the globe, the average salary of the workforce in Vietnam is much lower. In big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the minimum salary is VND 4,180,000 (USD 180). In rural areas, salary can be as low as VND 2,920,000 (USD 126) per month.

Other than strong economic growth, surging young population, and low labour costs, the government has shown efforts to support both local and foreign investments, so that the country can become investment heaven for all investors. Among the efforts, Vietnam is a member of the WTO, ASEAN and signed the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement, and the new Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The government also offers tax incentives that come in two types for legal companies and organisations in Vietnam, namely tax holidays and preferential tax rates. Large manufacturing companies and high-tech companies are entitled to 4 years of tax holidays, followed by 9 years of 5% corporate income tax. Furthermore, businesses whose locations fall within the economically disadvantaged category are granted 2-4 years of tax exemption and 4-9 years of 7.5%-10% corporate income tax, whereas businesses in extremely economically disadvantaged locations can enjoy 4 years of tax exemption and 9 years of 5% corporate income tax.

InCorp Provides the Following Services in Vietnam:

  • Incorporation

    To start a business in Vietnam, there are several types of legal entities that foreigners can choose from.

  • Immigration and Work Visa

    To visit Vietnam for business or work purposes, foreigners are required to apply for the right visa or permit, which in this case is a business visa or a work permit.

  • Secretarial and Compliance

    To ensure a seamless business journey in Vietnam, it takes not only expertise in business development and financial management but also compliance with local regulations, laws and policies.

  • Corporate and Personal Taxation

    All companies in Vietnam, both domestic and international, are required to comply with all applicable regulations when doing business in Vietnam. These include regulations on accounting and tax reporting.

  • Payroll Management

    In order to be able to manage payroll in Vietnam smoothly without any issues, it requires more than just dedicated time investment. It is a must for companies to possess comprehensive knowledge of labour laws and local payroll regulations.

  • Business Advisory

    Nowadays, the business environment is highly dynamic with a constant flow of challenges and opportunities.

Our integrated ecosystem enables us to provide world-class corporate services fast and efficiently