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When companies have grown and expanded, the accounting transactions will undoubtedly become even more complex and require significant time investment. In a country like Indonesia, there are many rules and regulations related to accounting, and business owners are required to abide by them. Furthermore, changes in the rules and regulations happen frequently and to be able to keep up with the latest updates all the time would be challenging.

Outsource Your Indonesia Accounting Services

Our Indonesia team consists of experienced accounting professionals, particularly in cities like Jakarta, Bali and Semarang, with vast local business knowledge to provide companies with the most tailored accounting solutions to match the unique business requirements.

Leave your accounting matters to us and free up your time for the strategic areas of your business. Leveraging our expertise and knowledge of the most up-to-date standards and procedures, we can take the pressure of your team’s accounting tasks by managing and organising your accounts and ensure their compliance with the relevant standards implemented by the government of Indonesia.

To ensure the most comprehensive accounting outsourcing services, our suite of services includes, but not limited to:


Let us assist you in compiling your accounts effectively and efficiently in a timely manner, so that you will have peace of mind when the end of the year is approaching as your year-end deadlines are certainly met. Our bookkeeping services include the preparation of profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and equity statements that will be in accordance with Indonesia Financial Reporting standards.

Financial Performance

Another task that is equally important but can take up a lot of your time is monitoring your financial performance and finding strategies that can improve the performance significantly. Throughout years of experience, we have eventually come up with excellent solutions that will streamline the processes and optimize administrative tasks and financial reporting that may take place on a daily basis, on a monthly basis or annually.


In addition to the above accounting services, we also provide auditing services, both internal and external, where we take care of paper checks and audit reports, all are based on standard auditing procedures, among others.


What is Indonesia’s corporate income tax rate?

The FY 2020-2021 Indonesia corporate income tax rate is at 22% and it is applicable to both domestic and international incomes in Indonesia.

Are foreign companies in Indonesia subjected to the Indonesia corporate income tax?

Foreign companies which have permanent establishments in Indonesia and carry out business activities through the local entity are subjected to corporate income taxes.

For foreign companies with no permanent establishment in Indonesia but generate income through business activities in Indonesia, tax liabilities should be settled through the withholding tax.

Who are subjected to the Indonesia personal income tax?

Individuals who have resided in Indonesia for at least 183 days per year are subjected to the Indonesia personal income tax. Individuals are taxed at progressive rates ranging from 5% to 30%.


Our accounting experts save your time and money for business growth in Indonesia