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InCorp, with a presence in 8 countries throughout the Asia Pacific region, is the premier choice for corporate services and business advisory solutions to help you successfully establish and expand your business.

Doing Business in Malaysia

As the Strategic Gateway to ASEAN, Malaysia’s unparalleled location in the heart of Southeast Asia presents foreign businesses with an exceptional opportunity to access the thriving ASEAN market—a conglomerate of ten diverse and growing economies. This strategic positioning serves as the ideal launchpad for enterprises looking to broaden their regional footprint and harness the immense potential this dynamic region has to offer.

Furthermore, Malaysia extends a welcoming hand to foreign investors through a robust array of enticing incentives, featuring generous tax breaks and grants. These incentives underscore the Malaysian government’s unwavering dedication to attracting and nurturing foreign investment, elevating the nation’s status as a highly sought-after destination for business expansion.

Complementing these advantages is the presence of an exceptional workforce in Malaysia. The country boasts a wealth of skilled and adaptable professionals, particularly in vital sectors like technology, engineering, and manufacturing—industries that are paramount to the triumph of international businesses. Malaysia’s comprehensive package of strategic location, investment incentives, and a skilled labor force underscores its appeal as a premier destination for global enterprises.

Learn about the unique advantages of growing a business with InCorp Malaysia’s team of experts from company setup, market entry to global expansion. Discover why Malaysia is the ideal location for successful businesses!

Expand Your Business to Malaysia

IncorporationSecretarial & ComplianceTax & AdvisoryAccounting & BookkeepingImmigration


We are dedicated to simplifying the intricate process of establishing your company, offering expert guidance and unwavering support every step of the way. Our tailored solutions ensure that your business incorporation aligns perfectly with your objectives, freeing you from administrative burdens and allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – nurturing and expanding your enterprise.

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Secretarial & Compliance

Secretarial & Compliance

We specialise in handling the intricate details of corporate compliance, regulatory obligations, and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on strategic growth and innovation. Our expert team ensures that your company adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining impeccable records and facilitating seamless communication with government agencies.

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Tax & Advisory

Tax & Advisory

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial solutions designed to optimise your financial management, minimise tax liabilities, and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Our expert team will meticulously handle your financial records, streamline tax planning, and provide valuable insights to enhance your financial decision-making. With our assistance, you can stay ahead of your financial obligations, secure your fiscal health, and focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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Finance Function

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We understand that accurate and organised financial records are the backbone of a successful business. Our expert team will diligently maintain your financial transactions, record-keeping, and reconciliation, ensuring that your business remains in excellent financial health. With our tailored solutions, you can confidently make informed decisions, stay compliant with regulations, and optimise your financial strategy.

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Whether you’re an individual seeking a new start in a foreign land or a business looking to bring in international talent, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced immigration experts provide comprehensive support, guiding you through visa applications, work permits, residency, and citizenship processes. We’ll ensure you meet all legal requirements while streamlining the immigration journey, making your transition as smooth as possible.

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Setting up your company in Malaysia

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