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Why Should You Open a BVI Company?

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean 96km east of Puerto Rico with a population of 31,305 as of 2022, the British Virgin Islands has been a famed jurisdiction for offshore company setups and corporate trusts for the past three decades.

Its emergence as an offshore financial centre began with the establishment of the International Business Companies Act of 1984, which led to the creation of International Business Companies (IBCs) in its territories.

Since then, over 750,000 offshore companies have been incorporated, with IBCs being the de facto business unit for foreign companies and individuals wanting to incorporate a BVI company.

  • Straightforward Setup
  • No Minimum Capital
  • Confidentiality
  • Global Acceptance
  • Asset Protection
  • Local Tax Exemption
  • No Capital Gains, VAT, or Withholding Tax
  • Corporate Flexibility

Requirements to Register Offshore Company in the British Virgin Islands

Company Structure 
  • BVI Business Company (BVIBC), the most prevalent type of company structure
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Micro Business Companies (MBC)* that cater to small businesses such as startups

*Note that the MBC Act is currently suspended until further notice

Company Name
  • The proposed company name of your British Virgin Islands offshore company can be in any language with Roman characters
  • Company name ending can have any suffix
Registered Office Must have a registered office address that is a real physical address
Share Capital
  • Minimum paid-up capital of one share of par value of any currency
  • Standard Authorised Capital or Shares: 50,000 shares of US$1 par value.
Directors and Shareholders
  • At least 1 director (either an individual or corporate entity of any nationality) is required
  • Need not have a resident director
  • Can appoint any number of additional directors
Company Secretary
  • The company secretary can be an individual or corporate body
  • The same director or shareholder can also act as the company secretary
Documentation Needed
  • Passports and Residential address proof (certified copy*) of proposed shareholders and directors
  • Details of the parent company if the shareholder is a corporate entity
  • Company Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA)
Annual Filing Requirements 
  • Annual licence fee must be paid once every year (due date dependent on incorporation date)
  • Must prepare and file an annual financial return to their registered agent within 9 months after the financial year end (FYE)
  • In-scope companies and partnerships in BVI must submit an annual economic substance report within 6 months from the FYE
Annual General Meeting (AGM) Businesses in the BVI must hold AGMs once a year, whether in person or online
Tax on Offshore Profits  None
Timeline to Setup Company After submission and receipt of the requirement documents, it takes about 1 to 2 days to set up the BVI company
Government Fees Starting from US$550 depending on authorised share capital amount. Corporate service provider fees are not included and vary. 
Bank Account Opening Not mandatory

Steps to Set Up a BVI Company

Step 1: Consultation and Planning Engage with a professional offshore company incorporation service provider like InCorp Global to discuss your business objectives and understand the requirements for setting up a BVI company.
Step 2: Name Reservation Conduct a company name search to ensure your desired company name is available and complies with BVI regulations.
Step 3: Prepare Required Documents Gather and prepare the necessary information and documents, such as the M&AA that outlines the structure and rules governing the company.
Step 4: Filing and Registration InCorp will assist to file the incorporation documents with the BVI Registry of Corporate Affairs.

How Can InCorp Help to Incorporate Your BVI Company?

Opening a company in the BVI can provide significant strategic advantages for international businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs seeking a tax-efficient, confidential, and flexible corporate environment.

Partnering with InCorp Global to open a BVI company ensures a seamless and efficient incorporation process, backed by our extensive expertise and comprehensive services. From initial consultation and document preparation to ongoing compliance and administrative support, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet all your business needs.

Our dedicated team ensures full compliance with BVI regulations, allowing you to focus on growing your business confidently. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business strategies!

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