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Why Register a Company in Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, renowned globally for their economic stability and welcoming business environment, present a compelling jurisdiction for offshore company registration. Situated in the western Caribbean Sea, this British Overseas Territory is a powerhouse for international finance. Entrepreneurs and established businesses choose the Cayman Islands for several strategic advantages including tax neutrality, political stability, and a well-respected legal system based on English Common Law, making it an ideal setting for asset protection and investment opportunities.

The Cayman Islands are free from direct taxes, offering no income, capital gains, corporate, withholding, or inheritance taxes. This tax framework makes it an attractive destination for business professionals and corporations aiming to enhance their asset management and growth potential. Furthermore, distinguished by a regulatory framework that exceeds those of many leading global financial centers, particularly in anti-money laundering measures, the jurisdiction has achieved notable commercial success while upholding a high standard of integrity. Recognised by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as a frontrunner in combating money laundering within the Caribbean region, the Cayman Islands adhere strictly to international supervisory standards. 

  • Business-friendly
  • No Minimum Capital
  • Privacy
  • IPO Ready
  • Stable Economic Climate
  • Tax Neutrality
  • Strong Regulatory Framework
  • Corporate Flexibility

Requirements to Register Offshore Company in Cayman Islands

Company Structure  Choose from various structures such as Exempted Company (most ideal), Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Special Economic Zone Company depending on your business needs and objectives.
Company Name The proposed company name for your Cayman Islands offshore entity should be in English words only. 
Registered Office It is mandatary for businesses to have a registered office via an approved corporate service provider.
Share Capital There are no minimum capital requirements; however, the standard authorised share capital is USD 50,000. 

Shares can be issued in any recognisable currency.

Directors & Shareholders A minimum of 1 Director and 1 Shareholder is required. This can be the same person of any nationality and does not need to be a resident of Cayman Islands.
Company Secretary Not required
Documentation Required
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Name Approval
  • Identification Document
Annual Filing Requirements  Filing of Annual Returns (AR) and Economic Substance is only required for exempt companies registered as funds.  

Filing of Audited Accounts is only required for investment funds.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Registered companies are required to hold an AGM annually. 
Tax on Offshore Profits  0%*

*If the registered entity is a ‘financial institute’ such as a fund and falls under the new Economic Substance requirements, the entity is required to register with the local Tax Information Authority.

Timeline to Setup Company Upon receiving the required documentation, it will approximately take 1-2 days for the company to be formed. 
Government Fees Starting from US$736 depending on authorised share capital amount. Corporate service provider fees are not included and vary. 
Bank Account Opening We are able to assist you with opening an offshore corporate bank account in the Cayman Islands. 

Steps to Set Up a Cayman Islands Company

Step 1: Consultation and Planning Engage with a professional offshore company incorporation service provider like InCorp Global to discuss your business objectives and understand the requirements for setting up a Cayman Islands company.
Step 2: Name Reservation Conduct a company name search to ensure your desired company name is available and complies with regulations.
Step 3: Prepare Required Documents Gather and prepare the necessary information and documents.
Step 4: Filing and Registration InCorp will assist to file the incorporation documents with the Cayman Islands General Registry. 

How InCorp Can Help

At InCorp, we are committed to ensuring that your entry into the Cayman Islands’ market is as smooth and efficient as possible. Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of mature, established professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse industries. 

Leverage our expertise to maximise your business potential in one of the world’s most favourable economic zones. Contact us today to get started with your Cayman Islands offshore company registration.

Cayman Islands Company Registration Service Includes: 

  • ✅ Cayman Islands Company Formation
  • ✅ Cayman Islands Government Registration Fees
  • ✅ Registered Office for 1 Year
  • ✅ Registered Agent for 1 Year
  • ✅ Electronic copy of:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Register of Directors
    • Register of Members/Shareholders
    • First Board Minute Appointing the Director

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