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Payroll Management Services

Under the Employment Act, you must pay your employees’ salaries at least once a month and within seven days of the end of the salary period. For Singapore citizens and permanent residents, you also need to contribute to their CPF accounts. The government-backed “Work Right” Campaign now gives employees an opportunity to flag up any late payments of CPF funds, so it’s absolutely imperative you have a streamlined system in place.

How InCorp Payroll Management Works

Upon engagement of our Payroll Management Services, an Accounts Manager is assigned to you to work on your payroll requirements. He will review and organize the information you submit to us, and subsequently create and maintain a payroll ledger based on the data. In addition, he will make salary payouts and submit all required payroll taxes according to your instructions.

In.Corp Payroll Process

Singapore Payroll Process

In.Corp Payroll Cycle

Singapore Payroll Cycle

Proprietary Cloud-Based Payroll Software

Fully hosted on the cloud, our in-house payroll management software brings your business more convenience than ever. Our software is tailored to simplify and ease the payroll process for the end-users. It gives you an option to choose from using the cloud-based payroll system, leave management, and claims to oversee part or full payroll functions of your payroll department. This software reduces the administrative load of managing complex payroll tasks with exclusive features that let you get a hold of the payroll.

Key Payroll Software Features



A simple dashboard interface that allows you to navigate the system with ease and enables your payroll tasks to be completed in a few clicks.

Fully Customisable

Fully Customisable

Incorporate your very own company branding into the software with customisable logos.

Claims Management

Claims Management

No more worrying about miscalculations or errors made in manual expense claims. With our payroll software, you can save time and seamlessly manage every claim.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Stay updated on your employees’ leave without having to check with them over and over again. You and your employees can easily access the software to block and track leaves.

Approve leave requests conveniently from a central dashboard

Payroll CRM Leave Request

View all-inclusive leave request details and retrieve summaries of leave transactions by employees

Payroll CRM Leave Details

Our Payroll Management Services include:

  • Salary computing on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis.
  • Salary payout to employees by cheque or via bank transfer (i.e. GIRO)
  • Computing gross to net salary and CPF
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) registration and monthly payment in a timely manner
  • Submission of Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Submission of GML, IR21, CPF refund, government statistical forms, NS MUP etc.
  • Issuance of IR8A Form for personal tax – this includes annual filing returns.
  • Preparation of payroll journals and reports for Accounting & Management purposes
  • Issuance of payslips (electronic/hard copy)
  • Access to Online Claim Management Portal
  • Access to Leave Management Portal
  • Access to Online Payslip Portal

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