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InCorp Global’s share registry service provides a transparent and simple platform for shareholders and regulators to track investments in a company, as well as manage and comply with all the necessary legal requirements. With our service, you can update shareholding details, perform share transfers, download statements of shareholding, as well as monitor the status of investment of each shareholder.

What is a Share Registry in Singapore?

A share registry in Singapore is an ongoing-updated list of active (current) shareholders of a company, which includes each person’s (or entity’s) name, physical address, and the number of shares owned. Sometimes, the registry can hold details of every share transaction (with pricing details) going back to over 10 years, any restrictions on share transfers, as well as the details of each shareholder’s occupation and the price they paid per share.

Why Do I Need Share Registry Services for My Company?

If your business has multiple investors, it can be hard to track the details of each individual or entity investing in your business.

InCorp Global’s expertise in share registry services provides you with a clear and simple platform for shareholders and regulators to track investments in a company. This lets you manage the following with ease:

  • Investments in Your Business
  • Share Transfers
  • Statements of Shareholding
  • Updating of Shareholding Details

What Are the Share Registry Services We Offer in Singapore?

InCorp – the gold standard in shareholder care in Singapore – offers a very comprehensive share registry service including:

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Services

  • Review timeline with Issuer, Issue Manager, Sponsor, Legal Adviser, and the relevant professionals
  • Advice on settlement logistics
  • Process applications for Placement, Reserved, and Public tranches
  • Submit relevant confirmations to the Singapore Stock Exchange and Sponsor
  • Liaise with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited (CDP) to credit new securities into the securities accounts of successful applicants

Maintenance of Registers

  • Maintain the register of shareholders, unitholders, and warrant holders
  • Process transfer of securities / Allot new shares arising from the exercise of Employee Share Option Scheme
  • Issue certificates for shares and warrants, confirmation notes for units
  • Process dividends and distribution payments
  • Register probates and other documents / Safe-keep share and securities seals
  • Prepare securities holding and distribution statistics

Corporate Actions

  • Rights Issue / Bonus Issue / Private Placement
  • Allotment and issuance of new shares arising from Performance Share Plan and Restricted Share Plan
  • Cash Dividend, Scrip Divided and Distribution-in-Specie
  • Distribution Reinvestment Plan
  • Mergers and Acquisition / Reverse Takeover / Capital Restructuring (Stock Split, Share Consolidation)
  • Mandatory and Voluntary Offer

Shareholder Communication

  • Mailing of Annual Reports / Interim Reports / Circulars / Appendices / Offer Information Statements / Distribution Notices

General Meetings (AGM/EGM/SGM)

  • Coordinate with clients on logistics of meetings
  • Collate submitted proxy forms
  • Prepare proxy summary reports
  • Provide poll counting services
  • Coordinate with appointed scrutineers on polling process
  • Verify and register attendees at meetings

What Are the Advantages of InCorp’s Share Registry Service in Singapore?

InCorp Global, which is the leading incorporation and corporate services provider in Singapore and the neighboring regions, has developed its share registry services on the lines of its other offerings. When you sign up with us, you get the following benefits:

  • Our services are based on a scalable platform, which provides you the easy option to manage new share issues, new share allocations, as well as creation of new share classes.
  • Our share registry platform is compliance optimised across jurisdictions. Meaning you can easily allocate shares to partnerships, joint shareholdings, or trusts, even if the company is listed in several exchanges.
  • You can also easily manage share transfers between existing shareholders, or what is known as secondary transfers.
  • You also get the option for ongoing investor communications, using our share registry services.
  • With us, you get a dedicated client service team, with extensive regional expertise, with special knowledge of compliance obligations for inbound overseas companies.


  • Why should I choose a share registry service provider with a full suite of offerings?

  • A full-service share registry provider such as InCorp can help you to manage various requirements while tailoring our solutions to your needs.
  • Our Singapore share registry team is highly familiar with local guidelines and experienced with handling related activities to ensure successful outcomes.
  • A share registry service can help you to perform different activities easily, such as share transfers, while ensuring that you stay compliant with local regulations.

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