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Why PEO services is essential in the new normal

In uncertain times especially during this global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are severely affected on all fronts and thus have to maximise resource efficiency. For foreign companies looking to expand into Singapore for the first time, besides investing resources into setting up a new company and hiring employees under the new company, there is another option of using PEO services in Singapore for an interim period prior to setting up a new company first.

Our PEO services facilitate and support your company’s manpower operations by allowing you to access our highly qualified, experienced, and capable accounting, finance, business consulting, business development professionals without the hassle of hiring a full-time staff.

To expand globally, businesses can work with an Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like InCorp to take on all aspects of employment, including HR Compliance, Payroll, Taxes, and other benefits.

Why you should consider the services of our PEO consultants

As the emerging markets are moving to Asia, companies are now building and expanding their businesses in Singapore. We provide one-stop solutions for businesses looking for dynamic and efficient manpower resources. Here’s why you should seek for advisory services of our PEO consultants:

Business expansion
Business expansion to Singapore without local entity setup
Business consultancy
Business consultancy and support
business process
Project roll-out especially in business process change or accounting system implementation
Maternity or short-term cover


How PEO Service benefits you

  • Cost of maintaining a Singapore company is too high
  • No immediate intention to set up a Singapore entity
  • Looking for a temporary solution to place or hire employees for short-term projects/market research
  • Winding down a Singapore company but not intending to retrench the local employees
  • Facing a manpower headcount freeze in your Singapore company

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How InCorp & our PEO consultants can help

We source, hire, and match your business needs to the right team of qualified candidates suited for the required roles. With no minimum contract period and highly flexible terms, we provide you with all the necessary resources so that your employees can put in 100% focus on your company’s growth in the market. We provide the following PEO services in Singapore:

Having serviced numerous global entrepreneurs and businesses in Asia, InCorp Group’s team of PEO consultants will ensure that your company’s manpower needs are effectively met. From the restructuring of staff resources to urgent project management, our team is ready to cater to all your business needs. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help.

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FAQs on PEO in Singapore

  • Why should you consider our PEO Services?

  • Our PEO Services are ideal for businesses who are looking for dynamic and efficient HR manpower resource planning to support in areas such as: (a) Business expansions; (b) Project roll-out especially in business process change or accounting system implementation; (c) EOR and HR Payroll services; (d) Restructuring of staff resources; (e) Shared Services Centre
  • Our accountants are highly qualified and experienced in all business sectors to take on roles in: (a) Financial and Management Accounting (b) New accounting system implementation; (c) Urgent project management; (d) Financial planning & analysis; (e) Financial budgets and forecasts.
  • We offer the right accounting talent with the right skill sets to suit your business needs. Hence, there is no minimum contract period and we are highly flexible in terms of providing you with the appropriate resources for a short-term cover, unexpected headcount movement or workload increases.

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Seek advisory services without the hassle of hiring a full-time staff with our PEO consultants

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