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InCorp’s First Recipient of CPA Australia Study Award 2021 | Annie Tong

InCorp’s First Recipient of CPA Australia Study Award 2021 | Annie Tong

The pandemic has transformed the way many businesses operate. With the increasing complexity of the business environment and transactions, the accounting and finance industry has become progressively more demanding.

In Singapore, new technology and innovation are changing the country’s financial reporting landscape and human talent is essential in sustaining the growth of the industry. With the pandemic creating a new normal, industry professionals today need to learn to adapt to the volatile business environment and prepare for the future marketplace.

As an organisation that puts talent development at its core, we are proud to be given the opportunity to partner with CPA Australia to present our very first InCorp | CPA Australia Study Award*. The prestigious and internationally recognised CPA Program provides practical skills to grasp any accounting, finance or business challenges faced in today’s global marketplace. In line with the company culture to nurture future talents, this partnership aims to motivate and recognise high achieving employees by supporting their professional development.

We would like to congratulate Ms Annie Tong from the InCorp Outsourcing team on receiving this Study Award!

Let’s hear more from Annie on her thoughts on receiving the InCorp | CPA Australia Study Award.

How would you use being the recipient of this award to influence others and how would it impact your career?

“I would like to thank InCorp and CPA Australia for supporting the professional development of accountants and enabling us to turn our Vision to Reality. Continuing professional development is an important framework to gain new skills and knowledge by keeping up-to-date on the latest technical, legislative and regulatory changes to achieve my career goals. By building up on our knowledge and skills, we can excel and distinguish ourselves in the competitive business environment.”

How do you think being a CPA will enhance your career? 

“With the business environment that is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies, being in a finance role requires a high level of critical thinking and application. The CPA Program helps me gain knowledge in a varied range of accounting skill sets and offers the opportunity to become more involved in the strategic aspects of a business.”

What led you to pursue the CPA Program?

“Obtaining professional qualifications is seen as a main “door key” to step in a higher position and increase my individual value to the organisation. Having professional qualifications certainly enhances our contributions and accounting technical knowledge skills as well as opens up fresh opportunities for career growth.”

*This is a pilot initiative introduced by CPA Australia in collaboration with InCorp.

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