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RMH Holdings Limited

About the Company

Acting as a medical and surgical service provider for different customer groups in the field of dermatology, RMH provides an all-round treatment solution that is tailored to patients’ individual needs. Services are provided to patients for the treatment of skin cancer and skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, pigmentation, adverse drug reactions, and warts. The Group also performs aesthetic treatments to enhance the overall appearance of patients.

RMH was successfully listed on the GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) and remains the leading specialist dermatological and surgical practice in Singapore with a subsidiary in Hong Kong by providing comprehensive, quality specialty care services for a variety of dermatological and aesthetic services.

Industry Focus



    Listed on GEM of SEHK



What was the client’s long-term vision?

Client was seeking to be listed on the SEHK:

  • Provide ready access to multiple equity markets across Asia
  • Increase the company’s visibility and attract different classes of private and institutional investors
  • Increase the liquidity of the shares.

How did InCorp turn the client’s Vision to Reality

Client’s Main Challenges With InCorp
Tedious listing process Achieved smooth listing on the SEHK in short period of time
Meeting tight deadlines Met deadlines promptly
Document preparation and review (Annual Report, Announcements etc) Provided Corporate Secretarial Service and expanded areas of services to assist in preparation of all documents
Unfamiliar with setting up an offshore company Seamless offshore company set up in the British Virgin Islands
Meeting ongoing compliance and tax regulations Provided professional compliance,l auditing and tax services to ensure regulations are met

To being listed on the SEHK in just a short period of time with the help of RHT(an In.Corp Company) and to receive full corporate secretarial support in Hong Kong has made it easier for our company to focus on our business growth. Over time, we have also engaged the RHT team to provide their services in other areas such as tax and auditing and even in setting up our offshore company in the BVI.

Dr. Loh, Chairman

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