These are tough times. With disruption in every sector of the economy, the job market is becoming increasingly volatile.

But consider this.

According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) – Singapore’s regulator of business entities – there were 307,911 companies, 20,075 partnerships, 16,104 limited liability partnerships, 344 limited partnerships, and 500 public accounting firms in Singapore in June 2017.

And with the Companies Act mandating that all companies appoint a company secretary within six months of incorporation, how’s that for job opportunities!

Add to that an entry level annual salary of $40,000, which doubles as you gather over a decade of work experience, suddenly a corporate secretarial career seems a very lucrative future option.

With this settled, we come back to the original question of how a corporate secretarial career in a regional organisation such as InCorp Group – Singapore’s leading corporate services provider – is more beneficial than one in a normal business firm.

You get to work with company-wide domain experts

For the answer, now consider this.

Every company secretary’s role requires prerequisite domain knowledge of all regulatory post-incorporation compliances as stipulated by ACRA and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

But at InCorp, you also work with a team of qualified chartered accountants, bankers, head-hunters, and other senior company secretaries, who are all well-versed in company set-up, accounting, immigration, consulting, business brokerage, international expansion, compliance, taxation, recruitment, administration outsourcing as well as insurance.

This ensures that you essentially get the best seat in town to witness first-hand the operations of a Group, which over the last two decades has helped incorporate over 10,000 business entities in Singapore, and has over 5000 corporate clients from all over the world.

You get to scale your experience and expertise

With the scope covered, let’s talk about scale.

InCorp’s regional presence starting from Singapore has extended to China, India and the Philippines now. Moreover, plans are already in place to extend our operations to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

When we combined five of Singapore’s most established and reliable corporate solutions firms, and founded InCorp Group in 2015, our goal was to establish one premium provider for both local and international clients.

And proudly, courtesy of our strength of diversity of people who bring expertise across all areas of corporate compliance, accounting, taxation, incorporation and expansion advisory services; we have helped a growing number of businesses establish themselves in the above-mentioned trans-national regional markets.

So when you work with us as a corporate secretary, you work with the only corporate solutions firm in Singapore with a presence in eight countries across South-east Asia and Asia, and become part of our multicultural team with experience of working with diverse businesses in the ASEAN region.

This means you embark on a career pathway of becoming a statutory compliance expert for the entire region.

Notably, and most importantly, this skill set is unique and currently not available in the industry. As trade barriers come down in the region, more and more businesses will look for people for such cross-border regulatory understanding. You then will be their go-to-person.

In a nutshell, as a corporate secretary at InCorp, your career will go only in one direction. Up!

Embark on a life-changing career with InCorp Group

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