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6 Tips to Improve Your Sales Process

6 Tips to Improve Your Sales Process

Generating sales as an entrepreneur involves a lot of hustle. Customers will not willingly hand over their money to you just because you present an offer to them for purchase. You will need to apply effective methods that persuade an individual to make a purchase. You will need to be great at convincing people about the value that your product or service provides in order to produce the sales numbers that generate not only revenue but also profit.

If you are not operating a multimillion-dollar sales machine currently, you will definitely want to learn how you can create such a sales engine. Realistically, it is not something that many have the ability to construct by themselves. It takes a great deal of skill and persistence to build a sales machine that keeps money flowing into your business. Many individuals give up during the development process because they get frustrated about not seeing immediate results. The truth of the matter is that it takes time to find the right strategy that allows you to generate sales with relative ease.

If you want to learn the best sales techniques to produce consistent sales, read on.

1. Follow the path less followed.

follow the path less followed

You do not become successful by doing what the average person does. Those who are successful became so by taking the road that is less followed because it involves more work and presents greater challenges. This effort is required if you want to firmly position your business in the mind of your customers, in order to ensure that consistent sales are being generated.

Many entrepreneurs want sales to happen merely because their business is in operations. This is an unrealistic mindset to have and will cost you greatly when your competition is focusing their efforts on securing the customers you are not aggressively going after. Generating large sales volumes will require hard work, long hours, personal sacrifice, and the ability to stay committed to your strategy when sales are trickling in. If you remain persistent though, you will soon open the floodgates.

2. Create a flow of consistent leads.

create a flow of consistent leads

Unless you have a one-of-a-kind product or service, you will need to do some marketing to inform people about your offer and selling to push them to make a purchase. Not everyone will make a purchase during the first point of contact. This is where the very important nurturing process has to take place in order to qualify people as leads. You create leads by providing content that educates your audience about the value of your product or service. This is done through your blog, webinar, e-book, and guides. These lead generation tools help build up the interest of people, turning them into solid leads who can be converted into customers.

The best way to improve your sales process is to study your customers and prepare yourself for any questions they might throw at you. You never want to appear unsure of what you are talking about when communicating with leads. Hesitation could stop them from committing to becoming a customer. Therefore, you need to commit yourself to improving your sales skills daily. The people who are underperforming with their sales are those who do not have sufficient leads to nurture. This is why you need to make sure that you are keeping a full pipeline of leads, and never operating with an empty reservoir. You can never have too many leads, especially when sales is a numbers game to begin with.

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3. Persistence is the catalyst for luck.

persistence is the catalyst for luck

Entrepreneurs do not wake up to find that they have a business full of customers constantly purchasing their products and services, while doing nought. There is nothing given in sales. Luck is not involved. Every sale is earned through hard work and persistent follow-up. This is what separates the super-star sellers from those who barely meet their sales quota. The super-star sellers go after their sales goal every day with the intention of exceeding the number they have set for themselves. The no’s and “maybe in the future” responses do not deter them. The will to succeed pushes them forward to master the sales process.

Unless you are into buying lottery, do not assume that money will be earned without putting in hard work. Sales is a gamble but one that you can have some control over if you put the odds in your favor. This is done by hustling up leads and securing appointments that allow you to close the deal. Luck is out of the window when you are this deep in the sales process. You either have to know how to make the sale or walk away empty handed. You may not close every deal but you can create a winning percentage if you keep your phone and email full of leads to contact and your calendar full of sales appointments to attend. If your day does not involve these, you are not focused on being successful at selling.

4. Focus on value-based selling.

focus on value based selling

Selling based on features is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when trying to convince a prospect to purchase the offer you are pitching. They do not care about features. They want to know exactly how your product or service will solve their problems. Nothing else matters but this. If a real solution can be provided, they will have no problem becoming a customer and you would have secured a sale. This scenario can only occur though, if you focus on communicating the value that is important to your prospect.

When you focus on providing value to your customers, you will never be on the desperate hunt to acquire customers. Your dedication to providing value gets your customers talking enthusiastically about your product or service. This, in turn, creates interest from other people, who will reach out to you wanting to know how they can become a customer to receive the same experience.

5. Fill a need and you will guarantee a sale.

fill a need and you will guarantee a sale

Making the selling process all business is what kills sales. While yes, an exchange of money has to take place for the customer to receive your offer, this does not mean you have to focus only on the money. Instead, concentrate on communicating that you understand your customer’s needs and that you have the solution that will make their problems disappear.

It is crucial to your sales success that you make the person you are talking to feel as if they are the most important person during their interaction with you. This distinguishes you from the seller who is pushing to make the deal for the sake of money. When you actually show that you care about the success of your customers, people will feel as if they are investing into a relationship. Providing a great service should be more important than making a sale. The money will come when you provide your customers with the care that secures their loyalty.

6. Block out emotions that negate success.

block out emotions that negate success

There will be times when you do not feel like making that call or going for that appointment. Those times do not matter. Your short-term feelings will lead you to make terrible decisions that can affect you in the long-term. This is why you need to stop operating based on feelings and perform based on logical thinking, requiring you to focus on making the decision that will positively impact your future.

Feelings are temporary thoughts which should not control your actions. Your feelings can be the biggest impediment to your success. Never allow the emotions of other people to affect the emotions you put on display or operate with.

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Eric Chin is the Group Chief Commercial Officer at InCorp Global, leading sales, marketing and consulting teams in 8 countries. With 11 years of corporate banking experience with HSBC and OCBC, Eric is highly skilled in creating market-entry strategies and structuring operations for diverse industries in the Asia-Pacific. He also advises fund managers and family offices on corporate structuring and tax incentives and has set up VCC structures for licensed fund managers.

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