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CorpPass Registration in Singapore

CorpPass Registration in Singapore

Singapore Corporate Access, otherwise known as CorpPass, will be the only login method for businesses to transact with the Government online from September 1, 2018 onwards.

CorpPass serves as a single platform to manage authorisation across the multiple digital services that government agencies offer. It was launched by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) as a single corporate digital identity to centralize the digital accounts of business entities with multiple government agencies – substituting the multiple login IDs they were required to have with each government agency.

It was rolled out in September 2016 and is currently used by more than 130 government digital services as a login method. CorpPass is expected to create a more secure and organized process to allow businesses to effectively manage their transactions with the Government and gain access to more digital services without being wary of encountering fraudulent transactions.

CorpPass will be required for local entities bearing a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and for foreign entities who wish to access Singapore’s Government-to-Business digital services.

Different CorpPass Roles

CorpPass has five types of roles that entities can choose from:

Registered Officer (RO)

  • The person(s) whose name is officially registered with ACRA
  • Examples usually include: Partner, Director, Corporate Secretary

Note: Only the RO can nominate and approve new CorpPass Administrators

CorpPass Administrator account (CorpPass Admin)

  • An individual authorised by the RO to create CorpPass accounts and manage access to digital services; may be a person who currently manages Government-to-Business (G2B) transactions on behalf of the company
  • Examples usually include: Director of Corporate Services (Admin / Finance / Human Resources) or any person(s) authorised by the RO
  • For small organisations, the RO can assume the role of a CorpPass Admin

Note: Each entity can only have a maximum of two (2) CorpPass Admins

CorpPass Sub-Administrator account (CorpPass Sub-Admin)

  • A person authorised by the CorpPass Admin to help manage CorpPass accounts and digital service access on behalf of the entity
  • Can only be created by the CorpPass Admin, and does not require approval from the RO
  • Similar to the CorpPass Admin, the CorpPass Sub-Admin can also create other CorpPass accounts (i.e., CorpPass Enquiry User, CorpPass User, etc.) for users within the entity

Note: Each entity can only have a maximum of ten (10) CorpPass Sub-Admins

CorpPass Enquiry User account

  • An account created by the entity’s CorpPass Admin or Sub-Admin
  • May be used to transact with Government digital services and view details of the entity’s CorpPass setup

Note: There is currently no restriction on the number of CorpPass Enquiry Users for every entity

CorpPass User account

  • A person assigned by the CorpPass Admin to transact with government agencies on behalf of the entity
  • Examples usually include: Corporate Services Personnel (e.g., Payroll Executive, Human Resources Manager, etc.)
  • Each CorpPass User will have a unique CorpPass ID

Note: There is currently no restriction on the number of CorpPass Users for every entity; and for smaller organisations, the CorpPass Admin may assume this role

Step-By-Step Registration Process for CorpPass in Singapore

You can register for a CorpPass through the following 6-step process:

  • Log in to CorpPass website– This step can only be conducted by a Registered Officer (RO) with UEN or SingPass account
  • Identify CorpPass role
  • Register a CorpPass Admin account for the business– The CorpPass Admin has to be nominated by the RO
  • Set-up CorpPass account– The set-up process varies depending on the type of business entity
  • Generate CorpPass User account
  • Designate IRAS digital services to CorpPass Admin– This process is not required if the CorpPass Admin or User responsible for transacting with IRAS has been granted access to all digital services

CorpPass is currently only available to local entities with a UEN or SingPass account. Its availability for local and foreign entities without UEN or SingPass is to be announced by the Government at a later date.

GovTech expects more than 250,000 active businesses to use CorpPass by the end of 2018 because majority of local and foreign businesses in Singapore are now CorpPass-ready. As of the second quarter of 2018, more than 80 per cent of businesses that have regular transactions with the Government has registered for and started using CorpPass.

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