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Why Singapore? Key Expansion Benefits & Fund Raising Options

Why Singapore? Key Expansion Benefits & Fund Raising Options


Singapore is a globally renowned key hub situated at the heart of Asia, the country offers world-class connectivity, infrastructure, trade connections, strong legal framework for corporates, SMEs and startups alike.

Besides setting up headquarters and company operations, Singapore has also been the go-to country for companies looking to tap the ecosystem here for capital fundraising objectives. Besides the strong banking system in Singapore, local and foreign companies have a good track record of raising capital from various classes of private and institutional investors here. These also include using private listings or public listings solutions as well.

InCorp and 1exchange have come together to present a Free Webinar Session to share with the participants on:

  • Market
    An overview of Singapore’s market
  • Trends
    Funding trends in Singapore and Options for Fund Raising
  • Listing
    IPOs vs Private Listings
  • Singapore
    Establishing a Presence in Singapore and Other Benefits
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About the Speakers


  • Eric Chin

    Eric Chin

    Chief Business Development Officer, InCorp


    Eric Chin is the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of InCorp Group. He provides consultancy to local and foreign entities on the ideal market-entry strategies for setting up or expanding operations in key markets of Asia. Before joining InCorp, he was the Senior Vice President and Team Lead of the International Subsidiaries Banking division of HSBC with more than 11 years of experience in the banking space.

  • Choo Haiping

    Choo Haiping

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 1Exchange, Singapore


    Choo Haiping is the CEO of 1exchange (“1X”) and part of the founding team. 1X is the world’s first fully regulated and licensed private securities exchange in Singapore, and the preferred regulated venue for companies and investors to list and trade private securities in a transparent, fair, and orderly manner. Before 1X, he was a senior investment director at a venture capital and incubation firm where his portfolio of 10 companies sees 3 IPO exits.

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