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Episode 5: Doing Business in Incredible India

India is bouncing back, better than expected, in the fight against the pandemic. Many businesses that have considered entering India, have been sitting on the fence due to COVID. But with this unexpected recovery, is now the right time for businesses to enter? Join our hosts and special guest, Amit Kothari, as they discuss big opportunities in Incredible India. Related Guide: How to Set Up a Company in India Guide 

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp India Co-founder and Head Business Development by CBDO Eric, COO Alton and guest speaker intro
  • 01:20  India Country Overview and Opportunities Q&A format
  • 02:37  India’s Business Outlook and Demographics by Amit Kothari, InCorp India Advisory Business Head
  • 04:16  Post Pandemic COVID-19’s Impacts on India
  • 05:56  Key Trending Industries in India
  • 07:53  India’s Cities and Towns to do Business
  • 11:21  Manufacturing Companies Alternatives
  • 12:23  India Government Policies for Foreign Companies
  • 14:58  Capital Gain Exemptions in India
  • 15:38  India Sector-Specific Grants (E.g Food Industry)
  • 17:08  Best Methods of Business Entry into India
  • 18:34  Processing Time and Requirements for Incorporation in India

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