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Podcasts for Businesses

Pro Business Podcast Season 2

In 2022, InCorp Global aims to bring you in-depth insights into Southeast Asia that will help you expand your business in the ASEAN region! This year, we’ve partnered with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to provide you with the insights, knowledge, and advice you’ll need to capitalize on the emerging trends in the region!

Each week, InCorp’s speakers are joined by representatives from EDB and key business leaders as they spend 20-30 minutes talking about what excites them most about Manufacturing, AgriTech, MedTech, and many more key industries in the Southeast Asian Region.


About the Hosts

As InCorp Group’s CBDO and CCO respectively, Eric Chin and Alfred Lum are uniquely qualified to offer their insights on business development, with both of them sharing a common goal of helping all types of businesses find success.

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