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InCorp CSR At ECP 2023

InCorp CSR At ECP 2023

InCorp’s Singapore team had its annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Day at East Coast Park (ECP). 

Our CSR Day at ECP was a day of meaningful action where our team members came together to clean up the beach and its surrounding areas. With gloves and trash bags, our colleagues worked tirelessly to rid the coastline of litter and debris. 

It was not just a cleanup; it was a statement of our dedication to preserving the beauty of our natural environment. What was truly special was the sense of unity it fostered among our colleagues. We bonded over the shared goal of making a tangible difference, and in doing so, we strengthened our relationships and teamwork. 

InCorp’s CSR Day at East Coast Park is a reflection of our brand’s core values and a demonstration of our dedication to creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. 

We look forward to more opportunities to make a positive difference in our community while fostering a spirit of togetherness among our team and neighbors.

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