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Episode 6: Singapore Budget 2021: How Businesses Can Benefit

Everybody in Singapore had their eyes set on the recent #SGBudget2021 that was announced on 16th February 2021. In this special episode, our speakers discuss how all types of businesses in Singapore can easily tap into tons of government schemes to emerge stronger this year. You don’t want to miss this one!

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  • 00:01  Introduction about InCorp Global and Singapore Budget
  • 01:00  Intro to InCorp’s Singapore CEO, Sarjit Singh
  • 01:44  Introduction of InCorp’s Tax Service Director: Benjamin Lim
  • 02:39  Overview of Singapore Budget 2021 by Sargit Singh
  • 04:40  Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown
  • 07:48  Job Support Scheme (JSS) by Singapore Government
  • 09:06  Perspective of JSS by Sargit Singh
  • 11:42  Job Growth Incentive Scheme (JGIS)
  • 12:03  JGIS Highlights Perspective
  • 14:09  Latest GST Measures on Low Value Goods
  • 15:29  Impact of GST Regime on Local and Foreign Business
  • 18:26  Taxation Key Considerations of Local Businesses
  • 20:48  Potential Issues when Selling to Local Market
  • 22:14  New Policies on Business SME Grants
  • 24:47  Market Readiness Assistance (MRA)
  • 26:07  Job Redesign of Singapore Businesses
  • 28:58  Sustainability in Singapore: Electric Vehicles
  • 30:00  Double Tax Deduction discussion
  • 34:03  Closing Comments on Singapore Budget 2021
  • 34:30  Key Takeaways: COVID Resilience Package
  • 35:35  Key Takeaways: Household Support Package
  • 36:10  Key Takeaways: The Singapore Green Plan

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