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Business Expansion Series: Opportunities in UK & Asia Pacific Regions

Business Expansion Series: Opportunities in UK & Asia Pacific Regions

InCorp collaborates with a fellow member of PrimeGlobal, Buzzacott (UK), in a business expansion series to provide investors with key opportunities, tips and considerations when investing in the UK and Asia Pacific regions. In each episode, InCorp and Buzzacott discuss performing industries such as real estate, family offices, and e-commerce as well as essential insights that help investors understand the grants, incentives, tax implications, and more in both markets.

About Buzzacott

BuzzacottBuzzacott is a Top 25 UK accountancy and HR consultancy firm in London, providing tailored expertise in audit, corporate and personal tax, VAT consultancy, and financial planning.

  • EP1: Investing in UK Real Estate

    In the first episode, Eric sits with Phil Westerman, Partner and Head of Real Estate, and Liam McKeevor, Partner, Corporate Tax at Buzzcott to discuss key considerations from a tax and audit perspective in UK’s real estate industry.

    Key takeaways:

    • Opportunities and Challenges in UK real estate markets
    • How to invest in London and regional UK cities
    • Tax rates, incentives and considerations for UK properties
    • Funds restructuring and finance options for UK properties
    • Investments from High-Net-Worth (HNW) family offices and foreigners
  • Episode 2: E-commerce in Malaysia: Opportunities and Challenges for UK Businesses

    InCorp Malaysia’s Executive Directors, Adam Teh and Pei Hau discuss the attractive opportunities and problems the booming Malaysia e-commerce sector presents for UK firms.

    Key takeaways:

    • B2C e-commerce market trends in Malaysia
    • Critical highlights about Malaysia’s business market
    • E-commerce tips for expansion into the e-commerce sector
    • Essential tax filing considerations to note for doing business in Malaysia
    • Important requirements and guidelines about incorporating a business in Malaysia

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