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Episode 1: IT Technology Industry in Singapore

Get a glimpse of the IT industry in Singapore: From different trends in the tech industry to government grants being offered in Singapore, join us as we navigate through this ever-growing industry.

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp and Singapore Tech Industry by InCorp’s CBDO Eric Chin
  • 00:41  InCorp Pro-Business Focus Objectives by COO Alton Neo
  • 01:55  Overview to Singapore Tech and IT Industry Opportunities
  • 02:46  Singapore Industries Overview
  • 04:48  Industry Business Trends – Food Tech
  • 06:06  Industry Business Trends – Robotics
  • 07:40  Industry Business Trends – E-commerce
  • 10:53  Government Initiatives to help the Tech Industry
  • 11:32  SME-Go Digital Programme (For Small Medium Enterprises)
  • 13:02  5G Innovation Grant and Overseas Participation Grant
  • 13:38  Start-Up SG Grants by Enterprise Singapore
  • 16:03  How can InCorp help Tech Companies looking to set up in Singapore

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