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Episode 2: Retail Industry in Singapore

Is the retail space really dead? Or are there still opportunities for retailers? In today’s episode, our hosts dive into the different shifts in the retail industry and how you can get started on your retail business in Singapore!

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp and Singapore Retail Industry by InCorp CBDO Eric Chin
  • 01:42  Retail Industry Trends and Changes due to COVID-19 by COO Alton Neo
  • 04:23  Key Set-up Considerations for Retailers in Singapore
  • 04:49  Harnessing Data to Provide Personalised Services
  • 05:57  Supply Chain Management with Technology
  • 06:58  Government Initiatives for Digital Solutions
  • 07:41  How to Create an Online Presence with InCorp
  • 08:00  How InCorp advisory can help both local and foreign retail SME businesses
  • 09:30  InCorp IT System advisory for Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • 16:03  How can InCorp help Tech Companies looking to set up in Singapore

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