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Episode 11: Why Singapore is a Magnet for FinTech Companies

In this final episode, we partner with RHTLaw Asia to discuss one of the sought-after industries in Singapore right now – FINTECH! Tune in and hear CH’NG Li Ling share about how the financial services industry is being rapidly transformed by technology and why Singapore has quickly become a magnet for huge FinTech companies.

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  • 00:01  Introduction about InCorp Global by COO Alton Neo & CBDO Eric Chin
  • 00:25  Episode 11 introduction about RHTLaw Asia, and FinTech in Singapore
  • 01:04  Introduction by RHTLaw Asia Partner: Ms. CH’NG Li Ling
  • 02:01  What are the main reasons why Singapore has been a magnet for many of FinTech firms in the financial sectors and ePayment space?
  • 02:40  Singapore Government Pro-business legal regulations, licensing, tax policies and initiatives in financial services
  • 04:40  Singapore’s Variable Capital Company (VCC) fund structures and wealth management
  • 05:21  VCC Act, Family Office Structures and Asset Wealth Management policies by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)
  • 08:50  Single Family Offices (SFO), VCC and Payment Services Act
  • 10:20  Payment Services Act and FinTech operation licensing requirements
  • 13:50  MAS regulations and licenses for FinTech business setup operations
  • 14:07  Process stages for Payment Services Act licenses applications
  • 16:47  Estimated Timeline for FinTech business licenses applications
  • 18:37  What companies can do before and pending MAS application process
  • 19:55  Thank you RHT Law and ending summary wrap up by InCorp

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