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Episode 10: Doing Business in Magnificent Malaysia

While the semiconductor industry has been flourishing in Malaysia, one of the growing trends right now is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. With many MNCs outsourcing their office operations and setting up business hubs in Malaysia now, tune in to this episode as Adam Teh and Lim Pei Hau share key insights on the country’s economic progression in 2021 and attractive government incentives that businesses can largely benefit from.

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  • 00:01  Intro to InCorp Group – WeCorporate Malaysia Country Heads Adam & Pei Hao
  • 01:17  Malaysia Market Overview
  • 02:42  Malaysia’s Business Outlook and Demographics
  • 03:00  COVID-19’s Impacts on Malaysia
  • 05:00  Key Trending Industries in Malaysia
  • 06:00  Growing Industries: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • 06:22  Malaysia’s Cities and Towns to do Business (Tiers)
  • 07:28  East Malaysia’s Growing Oil and Manufacturing Industries, States for Business Set-up
  • 08:27  Government Policies for Foreign Companies
  • 09:25  Respective State Business Incentive Programs
  • 10:04  Best Business Structure for entry into Malaysia
  • 11:28  Foreign Restrictions and Requirements in Malaysia
  • 11:44  Business Setup and Processing time of Company Incorporation in Malaysia

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