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Episode 3: Fund and Wealth Management Industry in Singapore

Fund Managers and High-Net-Worth Individuals- this one’s for you. Singapore is the #1 country you should be considering for your fund/wealth management. But why? Listen closely as our hosts share must-know facts and figures about this high-performing industry in Singapore!

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  • 00:01  Intro to InCorp and Singapore Wealth Funds Management by InCorp’s CBDO Eric Chin
  • 00:49  Statistics on Fund and Wealth Management Industry in Singapore
  • 01:59  Variable Capital Companies (VCC) Framework by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)
  • 02:48  Key Characteristics of Singapore incentives and Govt. policies ideal for fund wealth management here
  • 03:43  Why Singapore is a Fund Management Magnet
  • 04:13  Regulations of Setting up In Singapore
  • 04:33  Fund Licences in Singapore
  • 05:19  Setting-up Fund Management in Singapore
  • 06:20  Latest Trends of Fund and Wealth Management
  • 08:00  Why use Singapore for Fund and Wealth Management springboard
  • 09:00  Singapore as strategic location in Asia-Pacific for High Net Worth Individuals & Fund Wealth management
  • 10:10  How InCorp fund structuring and tax advisory can help you set up Fund Management Variable Capital Companies (VCC), Family Offices in Singapore

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