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Episode 8: Doing Business in Incredible Indonesia

With 4 big prospective sectors for investment, the country has actively maintained its macroeconomic stability for businesses to thrive in. Our special guest, Nurmia Agustina, shares key insights on the manufacturing, tourism, e-commerce, and infrastructure sectors in Indonesia that have grown rapidly.

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp Group and Indonesia team by CBDO Eric Chin
  • 02:20  Indonesia Business Focus Highlights
  • 02:38  Indonesia’s Business Outlook and Demographics by Nurmia Agustina
  • 04:30  Effects of Indonesia’s Omnibus Law on Foreign Businesses
  • 07:24  Key Trending Industries in Indonesia
  • 11:42  Indonesia’s Cities and Areas ideal for Business
  • 12:56  City of Surabaya For Business
  • 13:37  Business Capital of Central Java – Semarang
  • 14:19  City of Bandung for Investments and Residence
  • 14:58  Indonesia Medan city for Trading and Manufacturing
  • 15:33  Improving City of Makassar in South Sulawesi
  • 16:32  Choosing Indonesia for First Location for Business
  • 17:54  Government Policies For Foreign Businesses
  • 19:30  Best Business Structure of Indonesia and Registration Process

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