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Episode 9: Doing Business in Hong Kong

While 2019-2020 may have been tough for Hong Kong, many giant companies from the US or China, currently based in the country, seem pretty optimistic about Hong Kong’s future. Tune in to this episode as Guy Man helps investors understand what’s really happening on the inside.

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp Group and about Hong Kong
  • 01:29  Hong Kong Business Overview
  • 02:30  Hong Kong’s Business Outlook and Demographics update by HK Director Guy Man
  • 04:34  COVID-19’s Impact on Hong Kong’s Economy
  • 05:48  Advice for Foreign Companies looking at Hong Kong
  • 07:26  Key Trending Industries in Hong Kong
  • 10:40  Government Policies for Foreign Businesses
  • 14:11  Best Methods of Business Entry into Hong Kong
  • 15:21  Set-Up Requirements for Company Incorporation in Hong Kong
  • 16:50  Company Director Criteria for Hong Kong

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