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Episode 9: Doing Business in Hong Kong

While 2019-2020 may have been tough for Hong Kong, many USA or China giant companies are optimistic about Hong Kong’s future. Tune in to this episode as InCorp Hong Kong – Guy Man helps investors understand what’s really happening on the inside.

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  • 00:01  Introduction to InCorp Group and about Hong Kong
  • 01:29  Hong Kong Business Overview
  • 02:30  Hong Kong’s Business Outlook and Demographics update by HK Director Guy Man
  • 04:34  COVID-19’s Impact on Hong Kong’s Economy
  • 05:48  Advice for Foreign Companies looking at Hong Kong
  • 07:26  Key Trending Industries in Hong Kong
  • 10:40  Government Policies for Foreign Businesses
  • 14:11  Best Methods of Business Entry into Hong Kong
  • 15:21  Set-Up Requirements for Company Incorporation in Hong Kong
  • 16:50  Company Director Criteria for Hong Kong

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