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Episode 1: Diving into Southeast Asia

In the first episode of the new season, Eric Chin, Chief Business Development Officer of InCorp and Brandon Chew, Regional VP (Americas) of Singapore Economic Development Board share with listeners their views on why Southeast Asia is currently experiencing a ‘Golden Age’, and why businesses looking to expand their operations globally should be targeting this region.

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  • 00:01  Introduction by InCorp’s CBDO Eric Chin for our new Season 2 Podcasts with Singapore EDB partnership
  • 01:02  Introduction of Brandon Chew, Regional VP (Americas) of Singapore EDB
  • 01:55  Southeast Asia’s growth spurt compared to China in the early 2000s and South Korea in the 1970s.
  • 03:38  What are Southeast Asia’s unique business opportunities vs. other markets globally?
  • 05:32  Why is it necessary for businesses to embark on a digital transformation journey?
  • 06:40  Singapore’s surprisingly strong manufacturing base
  • 08:43  Is there business potential in Southeast Asia, or is the market saturated?
  • 11:03  What type of industries in Southeast Asia has the most significant potential for growth?
  • 16:54  Singapore’s role for businesses looking to expand into other parts of Southeast Asia
  • 19:44  How Singapore Jurong Island helped to grow petrol-chemical companies

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