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Episode 3: FinTech

In this third episode, Alfred Lum, Chief Commercial Officer of InCorp explores the rapidly evolving FinTech space with Kell Jay Lim, Head of Grab Financial Group, and Hansel Cao, Regional Director (North America) of the Singapore Economic Development Board, discussing how FinTech platforms (Financial Technologies) can thrive in Southeast Asia’s consumer-friendly market.

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  • 01:06  Introduction of Hansel Cao, Regional Director (North America) of Singapore EDB
  • 01:24  Introduction of Kell Jay Lim, Head of Grab Financial Group (FinTech)
  • 02:24  What is FinTech and how has the Digital Payments space evolved?
  • 04:12  Is Southeast Asia seeing a rise in FinTech platforms?
  • 05:44  FinTech trends and Mobile app payments in Southeast Asia
  • 07:27  Singapore’s approach to enabling FinTech firms
  • 10:00  How did Grab venture into FinTech space?
  • 13:22  What is a Super App, and what makes Grab a Super App?
  • 14:55  Why is Singapore the preferred location for Grab’s Headquarters?
  • 18:15  Grab’s advice for FinTech companies looking to expand into Southeast Asia
  • 21:17  Why is Grab excited for FinTech in Southeast Asia?

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