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Episode 6: Consumer Innovation – Driving Corporate Venturing

In this final sixth episode of this Podcast series, Eric Chin, Chief Business Development Officer of InCorp talks with Choo Heng Tong, Executive VP of the Singapore Economic Development Board and M. Suran Suranjan, Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) President for APAC, Middle East and Africa on why Southeast Asia is such an exciting market for corporate ventures and innovations for businesses to capitalize on the evolving consumers.

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  • 01:11  Introduction of Choo Heng Tong, Executive VP of Singapore EDB
  • 01:29  Introduction of Magesvaran Suran Suranjan, President APAC of Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  • 02:18  Why is constant innovation in the Southeast Asian consumer market important?
  • 08:00  About P&G’s Growth Works innovation platform with Singapore EDB
  • 09:15  Singapore EDB’s Corporate Venture Launchpad pilot program
  • 11:53  About P&G’s iLab program, a virtual innovation festival
  • 14:17  Why should businesses use Singapore as a hub for their activities in Southeast Asia?
  • 17:51  Key advice for consumer companies looking to establish themselves in Southeast Asia
  • 19:32  How Digital Transformation can help business growth from Singapore

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