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Bringing A Touch of Halloween Scariness To Office 2019

Bringing A Touch of Halloween Scariness To Office 2019

At InCorp, we pride ourselves on fostering a fun and vibrant work environment. While the nature of our work (tax, accounting, corporate secretarial, etc.,) can be technical and stressful, the people behind our team are just the opposite!

For 2019 Halloween, we held a decorating contest where the best-decorated desk will be crowned the winner!

Evidently, the response we received has been overwhelming. Many of our team members dug deep into their “inner monster” and brought their Halloween spirit to the office!

We asked a few of our employees to share some reasons for their enthusiasm. Here’s what they had to say: Lera, from the accounts team, shared, “The last time I decorated for Halloween was in college. I miss doing it, and I’m glad I got to do it for work this year!” Myla, from the accounts team, said, “It’s great fun to see the artsy and cutesy side of my colleagues.” Huda, from the SOA department, offered, “Using the cemetery as my main theme, I decorated my space like a movie scene. The whole thing was a nice way to build our team spirit.”

As part of our dynamic nature, the InCorp family is always growing, and we have offices throughout APAC. Thus, organizing initiatives that bring people together becomes all the more important. Natalie from our Corporate Secretary department echoes this sentiment. She explained, “My department (corporate secretary) is huge and has different teams. So this contest is a great way to bond and get to know each other.” Shopping and fun times at the InCorp flea market On top of a thrilling desk decorating competition, our team got to organize their very own flea market. Shoppers were treated to a wide selection of clothes, tastefully designed art and craft pieces, and even Halloween-themed snacks.

With music, food, and good vibes all around, the afternoon was an excellent opportunity for our employees to bond and have loads of fun.

In all, the InCorp family is made up of individuals from different backgrounds, and cultural diversity is a cornerstone of our philosophy. As such, we make every holiday an event worth celebrating – even one as terrifying as Halloween!

Winners’ Desks

21st floor winner’s theme of “GST Dead & Breakfast”

21st floor winner’s theme of “Death will find you”

19th floor winner’s theme of “Save me from the monster tree”

Workstation Decoration

Warning! Ghosts gather here

Ghosts at work

The mummy returns!

Beware of the spider’s web!

A haunting we will go

They’re watching you

Remnants of the departed

Shh! She doesn’t like to be disturbed

Free broom rides

Kids at work

Come in for a bite

Enjoying the treats

All smiles

Trick or treat!

She’s definitely the star of the show

Group photo for a day well spent!

Philippines Office

All dressed up

Kids enjoying the party

They steal the show

Flea Market

Care for some treats

Clothes for sale at flea market

Cute toys for sale

Sugar-free sweets for sale

Goodies ready to be bought

Handmade products at the flea market

Menu by the HR team

Indian food at flea market

Halloween party at Incorp

Senior management enjoying shopping at flea market

We bond over food

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