Singapore with its low corporate tax rates, strategic location and excellent connectivity, high productivity, rule of law, availability of skilled manpower, and a robust intellectual property rights regime, is easily the best place in Asia to incorporate a company. Proof of this is the existence of 307,911 companies in the city-state as of June 2017, with the numbers increasing every month.

This means that there are many opportunities for young and experienced professionals to become part of this lucrative and highly-rewarding incorporation business.

But if indeed you want to join this sector, why not be a part of the best – InCorp Group, an organisation which has helped incorporate over 10,000 business entities in Singapore and has over 5000 corporate clients from all over the world.

Benefits of working at InCorp

First the obvious benefit. Unlike other places, at InCorp, you get to work with a team of chartered accountants, bankers, head-hunters, and company secretaries, who are all well-versed in every aspect of company set-up, including accounting, immigration, business brokerage, international expansion, compliance, taxation, recruitment, administration outsourcing as well as insurance.

But importantly, and most often times overlooked, at InCorp, you will be a part of the special workplace culture, which makes the company seem like a large, interconnected and supportive family. You will work hard, but have fun at the same time.

Inside InCorp, the Management ensures that a positive vibe runs throughout the workspace. Friendships are encouraged. Small wins are celebrated. Our monthly gatherings are a place where birthdays cakes are cut, and people share what motivates them outside of their work. Their hobbies, their passions.

This is also a chance for everyone to share what is making them happy at work, and what needs to improve. The recognition of employees via the “Employee of the Month” award during these gatherings is also something everyone looks forward to.

But our team bonding efforts are not only contained to the office. We organise boot camps that entire teams go for together. Regular movie and karaoke nights are also some of the upcoming initiatives.

Finally, as part of InCorp, you get to work in the heart of the business district in Asia i.e. Singapore’s CBD. Our offices are modern, bright, ‘green’, and welcoming, surrounded by some of the best food courts and restaurants in the country. We bet your lunch hours will be a gastronomical delight.

The Group’s mantra is what the great modern thinker Dale Carnegie once said, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Join our fun workplace, and give your career that great leap!

Embark on a life-changing career with InCorp

Our people, services and solutions help the companies of today take on the business challenges of tomorrow. Be part of the In.Corp family today.

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