Employee longevity is of utmost value to InCorp Group, and as a demonstration of appreciation to our long-serving employees, we presented all 6 of them with Long Service Awards alongside cash vouchers.

(From left to right) Murni, James, Sarifah, Liza, Kumar, Mimi – all smiles as they receive their long-service awards.

Sarifah, who’s been with the company for 17 years, broke down in tears as the years of memories came flooding into her mind – “I’ve grown, learned and improved so much over the past two decades.”


Sarifah shedding tears as she was deeply moved by the company’s gesture.

It’s been 12 long years with the company, but for Liza, it was all worth it!

A decade’s worth of sweat, tears and experience accumulated for Kumar.

“I feel immensely honoured, and a little old!” – James


InCorp Group remains committed to fostering employee loyalty and longevity within the organisation – besides proper orientation and onboarding, employee appraisals and monthly in-office celebrations of employees’ birthdays, we are also recognising the top performers as well as top behaviors in the organization each month via our In.Focus and In.Vogue programmes.

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