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A Complete Guide to the Work Permit Renewal Process in Singapore

A Complete Guide to the Work Permit Renewal Process in Singapore

Are you an employer in Singapore? Do you have a foreign worker on a work permit? Then, it is essential to ensure their work passes are renewed on time. Work permit renewal is a compulsory process in this country to avoid legal consequences. Once it is renewed, the employees can continue their work in Singapore under government authorisation.

What Is a Work Permit (WP)?

The work permit, also known as a work pass, is a legal document that authorises foreign nationals to work in other countries. In Singapore, different types of work permits are available for foreign workers. It includes:

  • The Employment Pass: This work permit caters to working professionals, like managers, executives, etc., with a monthly salary of at least S$5,000.
  • S Pass: It is for mid-level workers who can earn a fixed monthly salary of S$3,150.
  • Work Permit (WP): It is designed for semi-skilled and unskilled foreign workers employed in construction, manufacturing, and marine industries.
  • Personalised Employment Pass (PEP): This is for high-earning professionals or overseas foreign professionals who earn a fixed salary of at least S$270,000 per calendar year.

Obtaining a work permit in Singapore can be intricate and time-consuming due to stringent eligibility criteria for renewal. Employers usually sponsor and apply for work permit renewal in Singapore on behalf of their employees. Ensure your foreign employee is informed of the renewal process and possesses the new work permit before the old one expires.

How to Renew Work Permit in Singapore?

You will have to apply for your work permit renewal before it expires. Here is the process:

Step 1: Prepare the required documents

Before renewing your worker’s work permit, gather the required documents, including

  • A scanned copy of the worker’s Passport: Make sure the passport has sufficient validity to cover the planned period of employment.
  • Security Bond Form: It guarantees good behavior and adherence to employment laws. Before renewing the permit, the bank or insurance company must send the new security bond details.
  • Medical insurance: Ensures that your worker can access medical care when needed.
  • Details for Secure Card Delivery are necessary to receive the new work permit with added security features.

Step 2: Fill Out the Online Work Permit Renewal Form

  • You must submit the WP online renewal form via the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) website.
  • When renewing your Foreign Domestic Worker’s (FDW) work permit, access the FDW eService using your SingPass.
  • Ensure that you upload scanned copies of your worker’s passport, personal particulars page, security bond (if applicable), personal accident insurance, and medical insurance.
  • Provide the necessary address for secure card delivery.
  • Pay the renewal fee via Visa, MasterCard, or eNets direct debit.

Step 3: Collect the New Work Permit in Singapore

Upon approval, the MOM will send you a work permit renewal notice. Subsequently, you should retrieve the new work permit from the Work Pass Division at the MOM.
For verification, you must keep the necessary documents handy, including

  • In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter
  • The employee’s passport

When to Renew a Work Permit

  • The renewal letter from MOM typically arrives around 8 weeks before it expires. Otherwise, a fine will be imposed for overstaying in Singapore.
  • If your workers plan to travel overseas just before the expiry date, you should renew the work permit before they leave.

Late Renewals

Even if you renew a Work Permit late, you remain liable for the levy after its expiration. Levy penalties or overstaying fines, if applicable, may also be imposed.

What is After the Work Permit is Renewed?

After the renewal process, print and check the work permit notice letter for the following:

If the Letter states The Existing Card
Continue using the existing work permit. The worker must keep it.
If the pass isn’t needed, there’s no requirement to return it. However, there is a fee of S$60 if you need to replace the pass.
Getting a new card Cutting and discarding the item in half is necessary to prevent misuse.

Keep the below points in mind for the notification letter:

  • The document remains valid for one month from the date of issue. If there’s a change in travel plans, request an extension of its validity.
  • It should be provided to the workers, enabling them to travel in and out of Singapore while awaiting the Work Permit card.
[For CMP workers or those staying in dormitories], it’s essential to complete the following steps before renewing their passes:

  • Purchase the Primary Care Plan (PCP).
  • Declare on WP Online that the PCP has been purchased.

If You Want to Return Your Existing Work Permit

To return the old card to MOM, you or your employment agency can send it by post to the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764. Alternatively, you can utilise the “card return” feature on WP Online to:

  • Verify if MOM has received the card.
  • Explain to MOM the reason for your inability to return the card.

When returning the Singapore work pass card:

  • Avoid defacing, cutting up, or punching holes into it.
  • Refrain from taping the card onto a letter.
  • Do not glue or tape multiple cards together.

Duration of Work Permit Renewal

The Work Permit is usually valid for two years. However, its duration may be shorter depending on various factors, such as

  • The employee’s passport validity
  • Check the validity of the security bond. If it is less than 26 months, the duration extends to two months before the security bond expires.
  • The employment period of the employee
  • The validity of prior approval

How Much Does It Cost to Renew a Work Permit in Singapore?

Cost to Renew Work Permit

The renewal fee for an Employment Pass is typically S$225, and the S Pass renewal fee is S$100. The cost for work permit renewals is S$35 per renewal.

You may have to pay some additional costs, such as Multiple Journey Visa fees, which can amount to S$30. Employers must be aware of these costs and budget accordingly when renewing permits for their employees in Singapore.

Things To Do After the Work Permit Renewal

Below are a few things you must ensure your employees’ work permit is renewed.

  • Update your employee details, including salary, designation, etc.
  • Comply with all Singapore employment laws, such as the Employment Act, the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), and the Central Provident Fund (CPF) regulations.
  • Review the validity of the new permit.
  • Inform the relevant authorities about the Work Permit renewal if your employee resides in company-provided accommodation or holds a dependent or long-term visit pass.
  • Ensure your employee has renewed other permits, including driver’s license, visa, etc.
  • Since February 1, 2022, workers must receive complete COVID-19 vaccination to be eligible for Work Permit renewal.
  • If your workers are currently on a Stay-Home Notice or Home Recovery Programme and cannot undergo medical examinations, you can request additional time to renew their Work Permits.
  • Similarly, this request can be made if workers await a new passport.
  • Workers unable to return to Singapore for work permit renewal are advised to cancel the permits and re-apply when the COVID-19 situation improves.


  • If you require additional time before renewing the Permit, you can request a short extension of up to 1 month for your worker. If the worker is awaiting a new passport or if you intend to cancel the work pass but still require the worker to work for a brief period beyond the expiry date.
  • Business employers and employment agencies are authorised to renew a permit on behalf of their foreign employees.
  • If a foreign worker's work permit expires or is cancelled, they are permitted to remain in Singapore for 30 days or 1 month. At this time, they will be considered to be on a 'social visit stay' and are prohibited from working without a valid Work Permit. Similarly, employers will be subject to an overstaying fine if their foreign worker remains in Singapore without a valid pass.

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