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InCorp Singapore Leadership Conference @ Desaru 2023

InCorp Singapore Leadership Conference @ Desaru 2023

InCorp Singapore’s Leadership Conference unfolded at Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru, Johor Bahru-Malaysia, in the month of August 2023.

A meticulously chosen cohort of 50 participants, including the management team, embarked on a journey of growth and bonding through this immersive programme.

The conference spanned three days and two nights, offering a carefully curated itinerary that fostered both personal and professional development.

Day 1 commenced with a deep dive into the outcome of the personality traits test participants were tasked with. This enlightening session unveiled insights into individual strengths and areas for enhancement, cultivating a foundation for personal growth.

This was followed by the famous Desaru Fruit Farm, where our enthusiastic team members reveled in exhilarating ATV motor rides, a delightful mini zoo tour and fruit farm shopping.

Day 2 ushered in an intensive training programme centred around the philosophy of ‘Servant Leadership,’ an ethos that resonates deeply with InCorp’s values. Participants explored how this approach is important and effective, and learned how to apply it in their professional roles.

Interactive role-playing exercises and collaborative team-building activities fostered a deeper understanding of cohesive teamwork, culminating in a heightened sense of unity as One InCorp.

The day ended with a sumptuous seafood banquet dinner.

Day 3 was a half-day of purposeful engagement where our Digital Marketing team leader Benny Neo conducted a LinkedIn Branding training to harness the power of LinkedIn for personal branding and business networking.

Our Group CHRO Shirley Loh then shared results from insightful focus group discussions, probing into strategies for nurturing an enriched work culture. Finally, our Group CEO Edmund Lee shared the strategic vision for the future and outlined the next steps towards achieving ‘ONE Unified InCorp’.

Through this leadership conference, our employees found themselves in a closely-knit community bound by shared aspirations and wholesome fun. It lives up to the group’s commitment to fostering growth, collaboration and a united vision for the road ahead. We look forward to more of these opportunities for our staff.

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