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Good Employee Engagement Practices

Good Employee Engagement Practices

Many businesses are established on little details and values that aid and ensure productivity all day, every day. One of these little underlining forces is employee engagement. Different companies use different techniques, and opt for the best that works for them. As a business that runs with an employee or a group of employees, you need to know the need for a unique employee engagement routine, in your company culture. Many businesses are run without attention to things that are not popular or directly linked with making sales and profit; things such as employee engagement techniques. If you are one of such persons, this article; written to show what the benefits of employee engagement are, is for you.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a form of scheme employed by companies to ensure individual productivity, teamwork, and as an end result, organizational success. It pays attention to daily improvement and productivity, while motivating every employee or member of the organization to take responsibility, and be committed to the values and goals of the organization.

5 unique techniques for employee engagement

promote holistic development

Promote Holistic Development

This is a kind of development aimed at improving all areas in a person’s life. It includes mental, academic, physical, spiritual, social and also emotional development. A company can organise programs that will promote holistic development in its employees such as, sponsoring employee fitness programs, yoga lessons, zumba lessons, relationship management trainings, etc. This is effective because as employees continue to improve individually, the quality of their work will also improve. This can be done at weekly or monthly intervals, and can either be company sponsored or reasonably discounted for employees.

genuine informal offistes

Genuine Informal Offsites

Offsites are basically occasional meetings organised outside the work place or office, to foster team work, enhance bonding amongst employees and reduce the psychological stress attached to the workplace environment. While offsites are very effective, they are more effective when they are genuinely informal. Allow employees to dress casually, eat, drink, and talk less about work and more about themselves. It is a great time to unwind and also plan and gear up for work at the office.

inclusive celebrations

Inclusive Celebrations

Celebrations are directly linked to happiness. Against popular belief, people should be allowed to laugh once in a while collectively and acceptably at work. Happiness aids productivity, which means celebrating special events such as National Days (of the countries the company operates in), Diwali, Chinese New year, and others, can make employees produce more at their duty posts. An Inclusive celebration equals progress and profit for the company.



Communication is key in every kind of relationship, official relationships inclusive. Basic HR communications with all members of staff, keeping everyone up to date with developments and modifications in all departments of the company and keeping tabs on individual progress with a one on one talk, has proven effective in many organizations.

open-door policy

Genuine Open-Door Policy

Lastly, every company should have a open-door policy, where everyone is accessible to anyone. While this might sound like a disregard to hierarchy, it is not. A sign of this policy is when the top management keeps their office door open so that anyone can walk in without knocking or making an appointment with a receptionist. This is just a demonstration that should only indicate that everyone is accessible to anyone. However, it should be emphasized that the policy must not be abused or taken advantage of. This openness will help foster oneness and make communication easier.

No matter what employee engagement technique(s) you choose to adopt into your company culture, be sure to make sure everyone is on the same page, aware of the reasons for the implementation and the limits too. Employee engagement is one major way to create the best working atmosphere in a company, fostering team work and increasing productivity.

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