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Infographic Facts: Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

As data has become a highly valuable commodity, it is only essential that organisations take all the necessary steps to ensure their consumers’ data is protected. With a surge in data breaches, Personal Data Protection (PDPA Singapore) in Singapore is taken very seriously

Amendment to PDPA Act Singapore

In accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Bill, organisations can be fined up to S$1 million or 10% of their annual Singapore’s revenue for not complying with the PDPA.

In 2019 alone, penalties amounting to S$1.29 million were issued by the PDPC Singapore.

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What must Singapore Companies do?

To ensure that all types of personal data are protected all the time, organisations in Singapore must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). They can do so by appointing an internal employee who is fully trained or externally outsource a DPO who has full expertise.

A DPO will be fully responsible for developing and implementing data management policies and procedures and setting effective measures to respond in the event of any data breach.

DPaaS@SMEs Programme makes it easy for SMEs to outsource data protection services to enable them to grow their business value. InCorp is an approved DPaaS@SMEs provider and we can help all organisations with the necessary data protection services. 

In this infographic below, we provide you with must-know facts about PDPA Singapore and how companies should comply with the PDPA Act:

PDPA Singapore Facts 2020

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