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Why are American tech firms setting up companies in Singapore?

Is Singapore really the next silicon valley of Asia? Likely yes.

It is no doubt that Singapore has established itself as a world-class technology hub, with 80 of the world’s top 100 tech firms having operations here. According to the 2021 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Singapore emerges 2nd among the world countries, and therefore a popular destination for American Tech firms in setting up companies in Singapore.

Strong ICT Structure

Tapping into Singapore’s interconnected infrastructure, you stand to participate in the global production sharing. With Singapore institutions upholding open and consistent rule of law, it is clear that they have earned the mandate of MNCs, NGOs and governments. This is a rewarding strategy as the government continues to push for open-sourced mutually beneficial public-private partnerships.

Free Trade Agreement (FTAs)

With Singapore’s robust network of over 25 FTAs with many countries, you can benefit from the regional value chains rerouted to Singapore. An integrated ecosystem is also created from the strong supply chain and critical mass of robust service providers.

Strong Singapore Human Talent

You can save time and money on employee training as the Singapore government strongly advocates the upskilling of human resources. An example would be the funding of the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) Plan that focuses on the digital economy. Rest assured, you can tap onto our readily available strong singapore human talent to meet your tech needs.

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Geopolitical Safe Haven

Interestingly, Singapore stands to gain from the ever intensifying US-China geopolitical rivalry. American tech companies face new constraints on regulatory and possible blacklisting for partnerships with Chinese companies. Hence, with Singapore’s own framework of export controls and licensing protocols, you are provided with a good fit to better manage your export controls.

Have a quick look at our infographic below:

Why are American Tech Firms Setting Up Companies in Singapore

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