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In.Corp Global Establishes Official Partnership with Orissa International

In.Corp Global Establishes Official Partnership with Orissa International

Singapore – May 15, 2019 – In.Corp Group announced that it has entered into a formal partnership with Orissa International, a Singapore-headquartered firm that specializes in providing market research and business matching services in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Orissa International has been providing a range of market entry and market expansion services to companies for over 22 years.  Many government export agencies around the world refer their companies to them – here in Singapore, it is a Plug and Play Network Partner of Enterprise Singapore, a key Singapore government agency that helps homegrown companies innovate, digitalize and internationalize.

In.Corp prides itself on being a regional corporate solutions provider that helps companies structure, incorporate and manage various aspects of compliance in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam.

The partnership between In.Corp and Orissa International bring together their complementary network of companies and capabilities in the region, thereby creating a trusted go-to advisor for both Singapore and foreign companies looking to start or expand their business in the region.

Eric Chin, Group Head of Business Development for In.Corp Group, commented, “We believe that this partnership works perfectly for both parties, and the end result will benefit Singapore companies looking to internationalize, and foreign companies looking to setup in South East Asia. In the past, we have had many clients that require market research and business matching services and this is something that is not within our area of core competency. Our collaboration with Orissa International equips us with a good partner and we can service our clients’ needs together.”

Sarath Menon, Founder, and CEO of Orissa International added, “Through this partnership between Orissa International and In.Corp, we will now be able to provide companies a full suite of services when they internationalize. This starts from market research, identifying  customers and partners, incorporation, and supporting in-country operations with lead generation, payroll, accounting, compliance, and other advisory services.”

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