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ONE New Work Pass: Taking in Top Talent in Singapore

ONE New Work Pass: Taking in Top Talent in Singapore

On 29 August 2022, the Singapore government announced the launch of a new work pass.

This new pass will be available for applications from 1 January 2023 and is part of several new changes to the work pass scheme for foreign professionals and mid-level skilled workers.

What is this new pass about, and how does it benefit Singapore? Read on to find out.

What is the New Work Pass in Singapore?

Named the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE) , Singapore’s newest work pass aims to pull in the best global talents by offering a number of attractive benefits.


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What Are the Benefits of the ONE Pass?

  • Not subject to the upcoming Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) for Employment Pass (EP) holders
  • No restriction on the amount of time pass holders need to look for work so that they can comfortably take as much time as they need
  • Can begin, run, and work for several firms concurrently at any one time, which gives added work flexibility
  • Longest pass validity as compared to the other work passes so that pass holders feel assured being able to stay and work for a significant period of time
  • Need not apply for a new pass when you change jobs that removes the hassle of re-application
  • Spouses of pass holders can work with a Letter of Consent

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How is the ONE Pass Different From the Other Professional Work Passes in Singapore?

It is a unique pass that offers the greatest employment flexibility as compared to the other work passes, like the Employment Pass (EP) and Personalised Employment Pass (PEP).

Unlike them, ONE pass holders can take as long as they need to find a new job, and they can work for multiple employers at the same time.

They can also choose to be employed and establish their own businesses at the same time. Conversely, PEP pass holders cannot be entrepreneurs nor sole shareholders, and like EP pass holders, are restricted to working for a single employer.

ONE pass holders also enjoy a longer pass validity of 5 years, as compared to 2 years for EP holders and 3 years for PEP holders. Upon pass expiry, PEP holders cannot renew their passes, but ONE pass holders can do so.

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Why Was it Launched, and Who Does it Target?

The new work pass intends to attract highly sought-after individuals who excel in niche fields like data science and vaccine creation and possess valuable technical expertise.

It also targets entrepreneurs establishing companies combining technology with a traditional sector, such as fintech, agritech, and medtech.

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The Updated Work Pass Scheme at a Glance

Employment Pass S Pass [NEW] Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (Effective 1 Jan 2023)
Who is it for?
  • Foreign professionals, executives, and managers
  • Skilled workers
  • The best global talents in science and technology, arts and culture, business, sports, academia, and research
What Pass Holders Can Do
  • Work for 1 employer
  • Work for 1 employer
  • Start, operate, and work for several businesses at any one time, simultaneously
Qualifying Criteria
  • Minimum monthly salary: S$4,500 (increases with age, up to S$8,400 for applicants in their mid-40s
  • From 1 Sept 2022, the minimum salary will be S$5,000 (up to S$10,000 for applicants in their mid-40s) for new applications (except financial services)
  • Minimum monthly salary: S$2,500
  • From 1 Sept 2022, the minimum salary will be S$3,000 (increases with age, up to S$4,500 for applicants in their mid-40s) for new applications (except financial services)
  • From 1 Sept 2023, the minimum salary will be S$3,150 for new applications (except financial services)
  • From 1 Sept 2025, the minimum salary will be S$3,300 for new applications (except financial services)
  • Minimum monthly salary: S$30,000 in the past year, or will be earning it under a future employer in Singapore
  • Foreign applicants must show that they have worked for, or will be working for a prominent company (with a minimum market capitalisation of  US$500M/S$700M or annual revenue of US$$200M/S$280M)
  • Individuals with exemplary achievements in academia, the arts, sports, and science can qualify even without meeting the salary requirement
Pass Validity for New Candidates
  • 2 years
  • From 1 Sept 2023, it will be 5 years for adept tech professionals with skills facing scarcity
  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • Renewable for 3 years
  • Renewable for 3 years
  • From 15 Sept 2022, employers must declare that they have bought a Primary Care Plan before the pass can be renewed
  • From 1 Oct 2022, pass holders must be fully vaccinated to be considered for pass renewal
  • Renewable for 5 years
Eligibility for Dependants
  • Must be earning fixed monthly salary of S$6,000 to bring in spouses and children or S$12,000 to bring in parents
  • Must be earning a fixed monthly salary of at least S$6,000 to bring in spouses and children
  • Can bring in dependants
  • Spouses may work with a Letter of Consent
Personalised Employment Pass EntrePass Tech.Pass
Who is it for?
  • Foreign business owners and entrepreneurs who want to establish and manage a business in Singapore, specifically one that is venture-backed or has innovative technologies
  • Current Employment Pass holders with high earnings or foreign professionals
  • Reputable international tech entrepreneurs, technical professionals, or leaders who want to come to Singapore and create groundbreaking innovations
What Pass Holders Can Do
  • Be employed and switch employers without reapplying for EP during the pass validity period
  • Remain in Singapore for up to 6 months while finding new employment
  • Run a venture-backed business or a business with innovative technology
  • Begin and run several tech firms
  • Be employed by multiple Singapore-based firms at any one time

Qualifying Criteria

  • S$12,000 for existing EP holders
  • S$18,000 for foreign applicants
  • From 1 Sept 2023, it will increase to S$22,500 for all applicants
  • Must have started or intend to begin a venture-backed private limited company or a company that has innovative technologies
  • Must fulfil the criteria for an entrepreneur, investor, or innovator
Must meet at least 1 of these requirements:

  • Minimum last-drawn fixed monthly salary of S$20,000
  • Minimum of 5 years of leadership experience in a tech firm

Pass Validity for New Candidates

  • 3 years
  • 1 year
  • 2 years


  • Non-renewable
  • Renewable for 2 years
  • Renewable for 2 years

Eligibility for Dependents

  • Can bring in dependants
  • Can bring in dependants after meeting the requirements for business spending and local employment
  • Can bring in dependants

Source: Ministry of Manpower

How Will the New Work Pass Benefit Singapore?

The implementation of the new Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass will offer a few advantages to Singapore.

Here are some of them:

Enables Singapore to Compete Globally for Top Talent

Singapore recognises the need to build its talent pool by attracting talented individuals from abroad and by growing its local workforce.

This work pass will help it compete with countries like Germany and the United Kingdom in the global battle for the best talents.

Drives Local Business Growth

Along with the improvements to the other work passes, the new work pass can help businesses in Singapore grow to become globally competitive. 

In turn, it can also boost Singaporeans’ skills and abilities and support the country’s economic development.

Helps Companies in Singapore Get the Expertise They Need

The new work pass applicants can help fill the needs of multiple businesses needing specific skills. It can help them better manage their budgets by paying only for talent that lasts a project’s duration.

Sector-Specific Benefits

Emerging sectors in Singapore, like the green economy, may benefit from the new work pass. Companies in this industry can capture new opportunities available and advance quickly ahead.

Encourages International Firms to Set Up Headquarters in Singapore

The move may also attract international businesses and encourage them to establish headquarters in Singapore by raising the chances of top management qualifying for the new pass.

The lenient criteria provide flexibility to the new pass holders, which also helps to cement the city-state’s status as a global talent hub.

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Knowledge-Sharing to Nurture Local Talents

Singapore can take the opportunity to use these professionals’ knowledge and expertise for our own benefit. We can do so by teaching and nurturing local talents in these specialised fields after sharing their skills and know-how.

How Can InCorp Help Firms Hire Talents With the New Work Pass?

Does your company need to employ new talents to fulfil specific skill gaps?

InCorp Global manages an experienced team of immigration professionals who have successfully obtained work passes in Singapore for many of our applicants.

Engage our specialists to manage your work pass applications and get a favourable outcome!

Frequently Asked Questions About the New ONE Pass in Singapore

  • The new work pass in Singapore is called the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass (ONE), and aims to attract talents across all sectors.
  • The new ONE pass provides these benefits:
    • Enhanced global competitiveness for talents
    • Solifidies Singapore’s position as a global talent hub
    • Encourages businesses to set up headquarters in Singapore
    • Facilitates the sharing of valuable skills and information with local workforce
  • InCorp’s reliable team of immigration experts can help your valuable employees get their work passes. Contact us to discover how!

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